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Atlantic Salmon Fishing in New Brunswick - FAQ's

1. Is Atlantic Salmon fishing in New Brunswick restricted to fly fishing only? 

New Brunswick regulations state that: No persons shall fish for sea run Atlantic salmon in the Province of New Brunswick except by angling with fly.

2. What other species of fish can be caught in the Miramichi? 

Although Atlantic Salmon are the # 1 species anglers fish for, fishermen also fly fish for Trout, Shad and now, Striped Bass. The Miramichi River has a respectable quantity of these three species

3. What is the Atlantic salmon fishing season in the Miramichi? 

The fly-fishing season on the Miramichi River runs for six months from the opening on the 15th of April until closing on the 15th of October. The Striped Bass season runs from May 1st until September 30th.

4. Do I need a guide to fish for Atlantic salmon in the Miramichi? 

All non-residents require a licensed guide while fishing for Atlantic salmon and when fishing for any other species in Atlantic salmon water after the designated date.

5. Is there a daily catch limit in the Miramichi? 

Yes, anglers are required to stop fishing for the day after 2 salmon or grilse have been caught and released.

6. Can my guide hook an Atlantic salmon for me? 

Professional guides (Guide I) are permitted to angle and hook a salmon on behalf of his or her licensed client. The client is considered to have hooked the salmon, which counts towards their live release limit.

7. What is the most popular fly to use for Atlantic salmon in the Miramichi? 

The most popular fly to use is a buck bug called the "Green Machine".

8. Do I need a license to fish in tidal water? 

An angling licence is not required to fish in tidal waters unless a landlocked salmon ≥ 48 cm and ≤ 63 cm (fork length) is retained.

9. I found a tag on my fish. What should I do?

A tagged fish is usually part of a research project. If it is an Atlantic salmon or a striped bass with a Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) tag, please remove the tag and send it, along with the date and capture, to the address on the back of the tag:

Science Branch,
Department of Fisheries and Oceans
PO Box 5030,
Moncton, NB  E1C 9B6
10. Where can I find information on salmon runs or salmon barrier counts?

For information on Atlantic salmon runs and/or barrier counts, visit the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans’ website for Count of Atlantic Salmon in Rivers.