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Codes are:

Min 1d 3r = Minimum acceptable booking for this example of 1 day for 3 rods
Additional 'H' denotes need to book 6 days or half weeks only starting on Mon or Thurs
Additional 'T' denotes need to book 6, 4, or 2 days starting on Mon, Wed or Fri
NOLB = No On Line Booking - you must book through the fishery's named contact
GX = Gillie extra - only provided if available and booked & paid for separately
C&R = Catch and release (all fish have to be returned)
? fish = Number of fish that can be kept per rod
R? = Where booking one rod will mean that another ? rod(s) is also removed and not let
D? = Where beats do not want last minute bookings & rods will drop off lists at 5pm ? days before the date of fishing

3d-10% = 3 Days booked together discount of eg: 10%
2r-25% = 2 rods booked together discount of eg: 25%
WS+10% = Weekend surcharge on Saturday or Sunday part of booking of eg: 10%

An 'E' stands for an extra charge will be made.
An 'I' stands for charge included in rod price.
Either way you have to stay in the accommodation provided.
HE = Hotel Extra, HI = Hotel included
BE = B&B Extra, BI = B&B included
CE = Cottage Extra, CI = Cottage included
LE = Lodge Extra, LI = Lodge included