Lower Cassley conditions

FishPal conditions

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Fishery conditions

The river is let weekly by a beat for 3 rods. Sub-letting, as opposed to guests, is not permitted unless agreed with the proprietors.

Fishing must be conducted in accordance with the accepted criteria of sportsmanlike behaviour. Fishing is by fly only (but no trebles) which are compulsory rules for all the Kyle Rivers. In addition anglers must, as a condition of let, conform to the Catch and Release Policy in force. Until 15 June only single hooks may be used tied as a single or with a tube. After 15 June doubles may be used but preferably a single when under the rules (see below) the next fish must be returned.
Catch and Release policy for the Lower Cassley is as follows:-

Up to and including 31st March: All fish to be returned.

Up to and including 15th June: All fish ten pounds or over must be returned. After the first fish is returned, one subsequent fish, under this weight, may be retained for each rod week, if the angler wishes.

From 16th June: Each rod will be entitled to retain three grilse (defined as fish under 7lb) if desired, but not more than one on any one day. Salmon, and in August and September all hen fish, must be returned.

Permissible fish retention is on the basis of a rod/week and may not be transferred to other rod/weeks. The Proprietors reserve the right to adjust these rules without notice in the event that The Scottish Government adopt conservation measures which compel them to do so.
Tenants must satisfy the Fisheries Manager before being allowed to start fishing on the river that they have taken the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of this parasite into Scottish Rivers. This applies especially to clothing and gear which has been used abroad recently (particularly Scandinavia).
Treatment can be heating, freezing or chemical. Please speak well in advance to the Fisheries Manager if in any doubt.

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Kyleofsutherland conditions

Kyle of Sutherland District Salmon Fishery Board
Conservation policy 2016
By law, in Scotland, it is now illegal to retain Salmon caught before 1st April.
All salmon must be returned before this date, including fatally damaged fish.
Aim to achieve:
 A 100% release rate, catchment wide, over the season.
 Definition; fish 65 cm (approximately 7 lbs) and over, measuring from the nose to
the fork of the tail.
Aim to achieve:
All fish released before 15th June.
A minimum of 80% release rate, catchment wide, over the season.
Sea Trout
Aim to achieve:
All fish released before the 15th of June.
All fish 50 cm (approximately 3 lbs) and over, measuring from the nose to the fork of
the tail released.
A minimum of 80% release rate, catchment wide, over the season.
Fly only by statutory instrument.
Treble hooks prohibited.
Barbless hooks should be used as best practise.