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Last week

(Last updated: Monday 24th July)

17/5/2017 At last some rain! The Towy has risen and is running coloured and fast. Weather forecast for the next five days.Fairly dry and bright until Sunday with intermittent showers which should keep the river lively. Rain again on Monday. Prospects very good!

River dropping and clearing, sun shining, conditions perfect for the weekend..........come and cast fly!

8/6/2017 Heavy rain over the last three days has had the river in full flow and very coloured. Forecast for brighter weather Friday, rain Saturday and clearing for next week. This will bring sewin into the Towy system and prospects for the fly at night are good.

13/6/2017 The river is in perfect fly condition. Two sewin caught yesterday. Reports of salmon and sewin caught further downstream.

18/6/2017 A very warm sunny spell forecast over the next few days. The river remains high and good for night fishing. A number of salmon and sewin caught further down stream and one lb fish from the middle pool on our water.

Things are livening up. Some excellent silver sewin caught over the last two weeks to 6lb mostly on the fly at dusk and later into the night. A good 4lbish fish lost by me last night after a very good scrap. The water is gin clear and perfect for the fly with silver and black flies and tubes working well. Some rain expected this weekend should keep the water in good condition

24/7/2017 After heavy rain on Friday the river dropped rapidly leaving conditions perfect for the fly. One 8lb salmon landed and one lost along with seven sewin, caught on Saturday, made for a great weekend. Some specimen sewin seen jumping along the pools of the lower water mean good prospects for this week. Rain forecast again for Wednesday could bring more fish into the system making for another superb weekend

Beat catches reported
(week ending 10th December)
SALMON & GRILSE: None reported
SEA TROUT: None reported
TROUT: None reported

Season review

Wild brown trout are the order of the season so far with fish to 4.75lb being taken on spinner. See for details.

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Fishing on the River Towy
Kieron with another cracking Seatrout from Edwinsford caught last Thursday 3 July 2014.

Fishing on the River Towy
Kieron caught this fish in the black, its 27inches long about 8 pounds at 9.30pm at Edwinsford on the Cothi 19 June 2014.

Fishing on the River Towy
A sewin from the Cothi, June 2014.

Fishing on the River Towy
A sewin from the Towy.