Weather & Climate


Outdoor sports are always weather dependent and none more so than fishing. Cloud cover, rain, wind and temperature all impinge on fishing, with salmon fishing being the most affected of all.

Serious fishers will therefore want to watch the weather forecasts carefully. To do this, we are lucky to have some excellent sites to choose from:

BBC weather (Scotland)
Met Office

River levels

In the Salmon section, we publish graphs of river levels on the major rivers, which are updated daily (twice daily in season). They show how the levels have moved at various points on the river for the last 24 hours, the last month and the year so far. You can register to receive the river heights by SMS text message each day you are fishing (for a small charge to the river management).

In the same section, there are also weekly reports on what the prospects are for the following week and you can register to receive these by email each week (no charge).


Both salmon fishing and sea fishing are also affected by the tides, with their varying heights and timings, and again the serious fisher will wish to keep an eye on these too. Fortunately, predicting tides is a whole lot easier, and much more reliable, than predicting the weather!

The Admiralty EasyTide site gives free predictions for 7 days or you can register to get predictions further ahead. You can also go direct to relevant pages for these ports that are near our major rivers:

Stornoway (Hebrides)
Lossiemouth (Spey)
Aberdeen (Dee)
Montrose (Esks)
Perth (Tay)
Berwick (Tweed)

Rainfall over Loch Lomond
©Jim Galvin


River Teviot in flood
© BBC News

High tides

High tides at North Berwick
© BBC News