(Last updated: Sunday 10th February)

The week ended with the level at Sprouston 10" and the water temperature is 45.

Looking at the availability for this coming week I would recommend the Hendersyde, Sprouston, Lower Birgham and Upper North Wark beats should have a chance of some action this week.

The forecast this coming week, Tuesday will be quite windy and cloudy with patchy rain sinking southwards. The rain will then push back northwards overnight. Wednesday and Thursday, the brisk southerly wind will continue to feed in cloud and there could be occasional rain or drizzle.

As always I would like to thank all those who provide me with the information to make this report, it is very much appreciated. If you have any information or photo's you would like included please get in touch with Martin on 07825334427 or

With water levels dropping back from the flood and the temperature is around 38 degrees, Wet Cel 2 or equivalent sink rate line with various sinking poly leaders should cover most areas just now, possibly an Intermediate in some of the slower bits. Copper tubes in sizes ranging from 1" to 2" in the ever faithful Black and Yellow colour scheme should bring results. Tosh, Monkey and Gold Bodied Willie Gunn will be present in most places.

As always come prepared and always listen to the advice of your boatman or ghillie. If you're needing to top up your fly box ahead of your trip please check out

Fishing on the River Tweed

Tweed at Upper Dryburgh

Kent with his 2018 Feb srpinger from Lower-Floors.

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