Your catch photos - Page 3

10lb fish caught at Tweedhill on 1st May.

Tweedswood Pool .

Gavin Brown Junction Boatman returning a 16lber one of two caught by Graham Thomas 13 March The beat got 10 that day.

8lb salmon caught by Peter O Donnell from the junction pool week 13 Feb.

8 Year old Hayden Ritchie with his 1st salmon from Upper North Wark.

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First fish caught at Pedwell this season.

First of the season at Tweedhill.

7lb salmon caught by Rod Newton from the junction pool week 13 Feb.

Nottinghamshire fly angler Matt price caught this impressive 15lb Springer off the bank on the junction 15th of Feb.

Upper North Warks first fish of the season and a cracker well done Martin Ritchie.