Where to Stay

Here are lists of establishments for you to consider. All lists are in order from the bottom of the river to the top. Hence if you are fishing at the bottom of the river look for the first entries in each list, and if fishing the Upper River, look for the last few entries.

Inns & Pubs
Guesthouses and B & B
Self catering - Crabtree & Crabtree
Self catering - Other

Local advice

The best way to find the right accommodation is to ask the fishery that you have booked onto. They will know what is available locally, which establishments are doing well at the moment and which ones you should avoid, if any. The fishery understands the importance of providing the right advice - if they offer bad suggestions they'll soon hear if they get it wrong!

What to look for?

Try to find somewhere close to your fishing if at all possible. Also ensure that they are happy to cater for anglers. Do they provide breakfast early enough and supper at a reasonable time to allow for a full day's fishing? Will they provide packed lunches, store your catch in their deep freeze and provide drying facilities for any wet clothes. If you have a dog, do they allow pets? It also helps to stay somewhere where there are other fishers, so that you can hear about what is happening locally and enjoy swapping stories in the bar.