Upper North Wark Latest Report

Last updated: Saturday 7th May

Week 14 (Ending 7th May) We were greeted with a wee bit water on Monday with the river rising to 1ft 2 on our gauge but running very black. On Tuesday the water rose to 1ft 8" and was still very black and grubby. As the water started to drop off we started to see a few fish. On Wednesday the river had dropped back to 1ft. Mr Gary Topham landed in very windy conditions a lovely sea liced springer from the Back Of The Isle of a Black and Yellow Feeler Conehead Salmon Fly. On Thursday (8") Mr Brain Douglas on his first trip to the beat landed two springers on his Carat Tube Salmon Fly fished with a single hook. Brian caught his fish in the Mill Stream and Snipe Pools. The water dropped away down to 5" on Saturday with a east wind coming up the river. First week of may done and we have had our best May in the last 5 years.

Week 13 (Ending 30th April) started with the water level at 5" and continued to drop as the week went on. By Friday the water level was down to 3" and not much sign of fish. Over night on Friday we got a 1ft rise taken us up to 1ft 3". On Saturday Mr David Steele caught his first River Tweed salmon caught from the Dub on a Rapala. This week brings to an end April and we have had 7 for the month which was up on the average. Bit of rain forecast next week so hopefully get a lift and get some more fish on the move.

Week 12 (Ending 23rd April)started with a strong south west wind which made fishing a tad tricky. With 1ft 1" on the gauge beat owner Mr Peter Thomas landed a cracking sea liced springer of 10lbs from the Mill Stream using a Tay Salmon Fly black and yellow copper tube fly. Mr Jonathan Graham had a brief encounted in the Snipe. As the week went on we were greeted with glorious sunshine, much better weather for the bbq than the fishing. On Satuarday Mr Jonathan Lane lost a fish after a short battle in the Snipe. As the week came to a close the water level had dropped to 6". We could do with a lift soon.

Week 11 (Ending 16th April) started with the river at a perfect height for us but running coloured. The only action on Moday was a 4lb Brown Trout on a "Carrot" Rapala. On Tuesday we were greeted with North East winds and heavy showers however the fish were in the mood to take and by lunchtime we had had 3 lovely spring salmon. Two from the Dub and One from the Snipe. Megabass Vision 110 and 28gm Copper Toby were the successful lures. With the heavy showers on Tuesday the river rose over night and was unfishable on Wednesday. On Thursday the colour was a bit better and Mr Jamie McCulloch fishing the fly in the Snipe Pool landed a cracking 5lb Sea Trout, a couple of other fish were hooked and lost not sure what they were tho. On Friday we saw a few fish in the morning but no action was had, more over night rain brought the Teviot up on Saturday and our fishers decided not to fish in the coloured water. Hopefully get some more settled conditions next week.

Week 10 (Ending 9th April) was an exciting week with our new boat due to arrive. The week got off to a good start with quite a few fish hooked but none managed to stay on to reach the net, very frustrating at the time. On Thursday Mr Jamie McCulloch fishing the beat for the first time managed to land a cracking 11lb springer on the fly from the back of the island. His fishing companion for the day Sandy managed to lose 3. On Friday with no lets I had a wee cast myself and got a nice wee springer from the back of the island on a Park Shrimp salmon fly.

Week 9 (Ending 2nd April) The forecast was right and we were greeted by a big dirty flood on Monday morning, we had hoped to fish in the afternoon but that proved futile as the colour never got much better. On Tuesday Mr Michael McGrotty arrived to fish for the next 3 days and had some good sport landed 2 lovely springers on the fly and lost 4 others. We had a few near misses as the week end on but no more were landed. With heavy rain over night on Friday we lost saturday due to flooding.

Week 8 (Ending 26th March) started with more nice weather and no real sign of any rain. The water level started the week at 6" and dropped an inch a day through out the week. We were seeing the odd fish but no takers amongst them. Rain forecast for the weekend so fingers crossed.

Week 7 (Ending 19th March) started with 11" on the gauge and she continued to drop as the week progressed. Wasn't much action to be had this week but it wasn't for the lack of effort. On Monday Mr Peter Kay landed a nice springer from the Snipe.

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