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Last updated: Sunday 15th October

With the backend fishing time in full swing its with great interest to everyone to see if the trend of the last 3 years will spread to 4 years with limited backend salmon going on into the end of Oct beginning of Nov . Ive fished most days in Sept till know mid Oct and it has to be said there's more fish in the beats in the Middle than last few years but the condition remains the same Very coloured salmon but still taking the fly up till know so not a major crisis and a bit sport being had . Have to say that fish hooked and played are returned very fast in a lot of cases no photos or waiting around just get it back in to the river and everyone very happy with that decision, fresh salmon are again missing from the daily catches and i also think that a lot of people need to realise that that's the case and it might be for a few years till the cycle comes back around .Its hard on everyone that we aren't catching fresh salmon the ghillies are out every day and do there best to keep spirits up we as Tweed Ghillies want to catch salmon for our guests and take great pride in what we do take it from me on a daily basic we are in contact with each other just hoping for a glimmer of new fish coming in Sundays have never been so welcome to clear the head of the problem thats where are the backend salmon .Will spring fishing and summer fishing replace the glory days that are the backend in middle tweed its definitely coming around slowly but the one thing missing is anglers the tweeds a big river and the spring and summer anglers are spread thin across a huge catchment but if it comes better and the pricing structure stays steady there is going to be good fishing to be had in a different time of the year its all new to alot of us to fish in june and july but i just feel that's how its going to go and this year was unreal with good nos in the middle tweed plus first Spring salmon on March the 15th followed by another in March . The coming weeks are in the lap of the salmon gods and salmon are all ready spread through out the upper tweed and its tributaries that has got to be very positive in the spawning that will start in the coming weeks . I walked a tributary above Peebles and the salmon are right up into the top i saw the start of the spawning in two places probably seatrout but i'm positive if i went back next sunday salmon will be paired up and starting out on the redds . What this means to me is yes everyone says there's no backend run there's no autumn salmon getting into the river but the salmon i saw are i am very sure backend salmon ive been walking the banks of that river for the past 40 odd years and it was great to see salmon in the pools and deep areas all in full spawning colours no different to yeras ago and i agree there wasn't as many but there was a good no compared to the last three years if they are successful it means that the prodigy will be in a good place and that's just one tributary what is the rst looking like . Sometimes you need to look outside the picture and stop thinking that its the same things causing the problems and repeating the same things that are causing the problems the Tweed has been here before but as long as there's fish getting back to there birth places in a few years time it could build back . When i walk that tributary and see no salmon getting back i will worry until then i think the salmon have a chance and will get back to a better balance in the river as a whole . Over the coming weeks on sundays i will be walking a different place but in a sequence that i keep to as i know when salmon should be returning .If others did the same in there areas it would be interesting to hear what it was like there's a lot of info out there that simply could be collected over a time of the year .We back to it tomo waters slipping away and getting colder all though the air temp is warm we have found that you need to get down to the bottom of the river in the deeper parts ive adopted the theory that in years gone by we have been got the fly fishing higher in the water at this time of the year because the lines that we have been using have been floating or intermediate tips on floating tips with a copper tube inch long .The depth of that set up in a typical 3ft on the guage is 15 inches that's all the floating shooting heads are very buoyant and the tips are not doing much to take it down . Ten years ago we would be on full wet cell two lines hard to cast false rolling and two inch tubes that was that and we caught fish deep fishing and slow fishing . Ive looked back at the old records and get the flies that were all vouge then especially the COMET and willie gun and a white wing they say the fly doesn't matter well its worked well for us this back end fishing old patterns and getting right down to the fish old school tactics are paying of and getting results .Skagit heads are the closest to the wet twos with 15ft of t12/ 17 and big flies get deep to catch tight lines here's hoping .KCP

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