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Last updated: Saturday 26th May

27th May just a wee thought ive decided after being asked alot of times by different bodies to help run and teach a course on salmon fishing and all that goes with it from day one you will learn everything that you would need to now and more on the three day course from casting wading health and safety on the river how rods work all the different styles of casting and most important have fun in Sept monday 17th start .
Sportsfish have taken and paid for in advance the three days all you need to do is go to this link and book on there's only three spaces left i did it last year with them you will not be disappointed and to help out with anything you might not be sure of just ask me first i will answer any questions you may have its very good value for what you get and you will go home at the end really clued up on everything salmon fishing i can tell you very formal and with me on there you get one of the leading uk casting instructors plus the beat ghillie for the last 26 years so come on lets see if we can make it as good as last year cheers Kevin heres the link. Mail Me /07971828086

20th May well lets look at it this way we have given our all over the last few months and not a lot to show for it one salmon caught in tappies by myself and four lost but hey its been one of the driest late springs i can remember and the river has suffered for it so don't be to hasty in thinking its no good . Most Mays we get a wee bit spot of fungus on the salmon it happens every year and this year is no different its there and plane to see on the snouts of the fish know once it warms up this stops bothering the fish and they come right on the take i am positive that once we get bit warm rain we will have some fun its all in the way we manage our thoughts on the moments fishing i for one think its going to all be ok like last year in June .There's fish in the pools on most beats as we go forward into next week a bit of a change to day but think a bit warmth again next week but rain coming in so warm rain iam telling you that's the answer and to show my confidence i started planting out my show Dahlias that ive nurtured over the last three months know that's a great sign . If you want to progress in salmon fishing and are struggling with casting get in touch and come and enjoy a lesson with a fully qualified instructor with 26 years experience its worth it ive had some great feed back and very happy people this year give me a call on 07971828086 and we can sort it out like wise if wanting to try a salmon fishing experience day also get in touch rods waders flies and tuition all available tight lines . Full Loop of Sweden Pro team Member with all the latest equipment to try and by through our web site again just get in touch warm rain i hear you say hes lost it but just watch this space Thursday onwards the whole river will get going again i am very confident .Night temps not below 10 this coming week its the start of the summer temps the springs behind us fish pal have all the fishing covered give them a call. Follow me on instagram @kevintweedswood daily casting tuition vids plus pics of anything that i see but you get to see what a beginner gets up to on the videos of people trying out salmon fishing ok warm rain it is cheers Kevin .........

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