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Last updated: Saturday 30th June

30th June ah well its with red arms very red neck and just about a crisp finish to any flesh that had factor 50 every day twice a day low water and hay fever that just dosnt even come on the VH pollen rating its been a totally wipe out on the fishers and fish . Spring 2018 is not one to remember and sad thing is it should have been plenty water and good levels just no nos of salmon in fact they wont get 950 for the whole river that says it all along . I used to go to meetings years ago and we were really worried that the catch in spring was just about sustainable at 2750 so where does this put us in sustainable levels . The river fish that are still in there are down back into the lower deeper beats as we are running at minus on the scale up here its not happened and we will not really know whats what for a while till rain comes along . But in this low water and heat we need to be very careful in coming weeks treating the old spring fish with kid gloves we have protected them so far but three dead over last few weeks floating down is not good news one with a 20 grame flying c still lodged in it tells a story its in our hands to help out these fish . If last few years are anything to go by no backend run we will just have to hope that there's a change in one weather and a few backend salmon turn up if we are being realistic catch and realise needs to be put on know and the few salmon in the river get a chance cant see it any other way . Not had nos through the fish pass this should be put live on line as it at least gives whats happening in the etterick and lets us see whats got up safe think this will come soon . Five salmon tweedswood for the whole spring this area has not done well Drygrange not even recording one plus others not into double figures it goes to show what happens when the runs don't come home and its got to be a eye opener to every one we need to look hard at this and start to think what we can do .Well one week to go mostly unlet thank good ness then my holidays cant wait and just back to the drawing board and iam starting maintanace on monday we are doing a wee croy repair to tappies croy waters lowest i've seen it in 27 years so make the most of it get a croy repaired on dry river bed there's a first the tourists and holiday makers have arrived and at least they are enjoying swimming and picnicking the rivers such a draw and with a car park at the gate its become a holiday camp in any good days heres hoping for a bit rain soon but its looking like two weeks midd day temps 23 degrees enjoy the weather and see what august brings cheers Kevin .

27th May just a wee thought ive decided after being asked alot of times by different bodies to help run and teach a course on salmon fishing and all that goes with it from day one you will learn everything that you would need to now and more on the three day course from casting wading health and safety on the river how rods work all the different styles of casting and most important have fun in Sept monday 17th start .
Sportsfish have taken and paid for in advance the three days all you need to do is go to this link and book on there's only three spaces left i did it last year with them you will not be disappointed and to help out with anything you might not be sure of just ask me first i will answer any questions you may have its very good value for what you get and you will go home at the end really clued up on everything salmon fishing i can tell you very formal and with me on there you get one of the leading uk casting instructors plus the beat ghillie for the last 26 years so come on lets see if we can make it as good as last year cheers Kevin heres the link. Mail Me /07971828086

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