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Last updated: Friday 5th January

7th Feb 7th Cold wether has returned and its interesting to see the catches are looking good so far some chunky fishing getting caught so all very good indeed it wont belong till its our turn , Busy planting up bare banks with willow to help secure nice eraly season job boats back on and i have the steps to sort as washed away in the flood tommorrow and bit fencing to sort out as well and that will be that all back on the level . If you fancy a cast waters looking very good and might just be your lucky time iam happy to give a hours tuition in your day no problem get it going ready for the coming season . Try out a Loop salmon rod set up with a line of your choice ive a fantastic deal on the Opti Power Spey range still a few to go 14ft 13ft for £350 thats a bargain and a top of the range Loop Cross Sx 13ft 2 inch at £ 815.00 a bargain price try before you buy all reels and Clothing available through myself at Tweedswood . Rod Hire for anyone thats wanting to try or fishing on the river with top of the range reel and line set up for the day of hire to suit the water conditions £30 . waders £15 per day with Boots Breathable . 07971828086

Two weeks to go and the confidence and future of the next salmon season is upon us once again what will it hold will it be the "best Spring ever" will summer be a dry one" and the Bottom beats have a bonanza" , will they run back in large nos in early sept early floods to see the top river get a fantastic season" the answers are unlimited the salmon and the weather are unread able and that's the magic of salmon fishing the un known .
But one thing is sure if you take the time to spend one day living the wild river life style and joining in the fishing experience you will only benefit from it . Clear all the mental fatigue burn calories and just take time to meet and chat with new friends and yeah even catch a salmon or see the Buzzards soaring above a shriek from the Blue and orange bullet going upstream your fellow fisher the king fisher the Dipper dancing along side you watching every foot step waiting to see if that gravel you disturb serves up lunch its a open window of opportunity and its ours every day as ghillies but we want you to come and experience the magic that is salmon fishing its that easy live the experience don't wait its Salmon life style fishing experience iam waiting to take you out to see it all unfold ..1st Feb 2018

With the season drifting out to sea on a probable 8ft wave its with mixed feelings we look back and for some its been a great time and fish caught for others its been hard going but over all we are in the middle when it was good it was good but when poor very poor no balance no guarantees mind you there never is .Thankyou to you all that came tried and made my job so enjoyable as a tweed Ghillie because with out you guys and girls i would be out a job . For fishing hard when it was testing and sitting in a nice warm fishing hut might have been favoured and for getting stuck in when others around were not quite as keen i am very lucky to have a hard core team or two and it just goes to show what we can do in a pretty poor Tweed season we manage to get a good score of 104 so far and i am very pleased with that .Top salmon caught by size was a fine 26lb salmon by Mr steven ferguson that was quite a change in that we didn't get any big salmon over the last few season and this was a good strong fighting fish hope it gets on to the redds to complete his journey . Another salmon that sticks in the Memory was Charlies personal best 22lb salmon which was a hard weeks fishing reward plus a fantastic win on the horses on the final afternoon thats what its all about at tweedswood we have great fun i hope that you will return again to see what it throws at us in 2018 so to you all cheers from the Tweedwood Team . WWW.TWEEDSWOOD.COM

TWEEDSWOOD has put a lot of its fishing live on Fishpal and also if you just want a chat or aren't sure about any thing just cal or email me i will get back direct to you with any answers or help i can give look forward to hearing from you . email / mobile 07971828086 kevin .

Anyone looking for that hard to please fisher in there life why not get a casting instruction voucher posted out with your message sent and you will know that that's one present they will relish.

Two Hours £50 Arrive coffee at the hut and quick chat .
Tackle check over and what we have and what we can sort out .
Go through the casting required in Tweed Salmon Fishing .
Look at any problems the angler is having.
Try out a rod from the LOOP tackle range with your line .
Debrief and talk where you can improve and whats been learned.

Fully certificated AAPGAI/GAIA double handed instructor 26 years teaching on the Tweedswood Beat .

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