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Last updated: Wednesday 7th March

7th March the search goes fished very hard in very cold conditions but nothing to show but a bit better understanding of the fantastic new LOOP Q series of rods at the entre level have to say in 13ft 2 and 15ft i am very pleased to say that i'm impressed but more on that to come and also come along to tweedswood to try out don't take my work for it . Ive fished very hard using the Skagit SDS heads and they fly thats that fishing wise does what it says on the tin and again come along and try them out SDS Skagit Heads from loop ive got the full range in stock at a great price plus the Q series rods . I know you don't want to hear nothing but sales spiel but just incase and it gets it out there to some that might so sorry for hanging in there with that part . Heres a special service free of charge Bring in your tackle and give it a MOT checked over reels lines rods free for the coming month worth it to keep you in tip top gera condition .

I fished all the pools know and i've really enjoyed it but have to say its very cold on the legs in the water plus this last bloody lot of snow was not needed iam fed right up with it know its all going to melt and give poor water conditions wish it would just go . But maybe it might hold on the mountain tops and give a wee bit water slowly as wee need it topped up in the coming months extract from the holy grail of fishing magazines , that makes me smile as you and me know that's not what happens but it will put in green water when we don't need it is the reality but lets wait and see .Haven't seen much fish wise its a very hard time on the river at this time you need a good sense of imagination and a very good clear mind to just sail away into and think of when its going to be the warmer days and the first salmon arrive it always happens and i quite enjoy just casting and casting and looking at new stones and new runs its the early season but its also the most exciting most challenging part of the year and if if if if you hook a Spring salmon you have a reward tenfold thats the difference that's the draw that's the buzz that just keeps you trying freezing about to loose a finger with the cold its special steeped in memory and i just cant leave it alone i need this period to fish to clear the head to plan the lessons to think about what i think about the Latest Rods the latest clothing what people want what people need and the piestrelistence the COFFEE out the flask OMG how good is that moment hot steaming coffee out in the cold mind you some days i feel like pouring it down into my feet .That made me laugh to myself seem to do a lot of that at the moment but i remember when i was a apprentice seeing a Guy with wellies on pour tea down into his wellies his feet were so cold that was when we had a real hard frost some guy .Well the battle commences
or does it as the lovely fresh water from the snow capped mountains has made the river go very high and brown just as i said typical anyone who reads this far has done very well and would be great company on the river with me so please get in touch and book a day as we could just be lucky heres hoping Casting Tuition Loop tackle i can only offer tight lines here's hoping that the snow Goes soon best Kevin .

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