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Last updated: Friday 5th October

10th Oct well i've come to this computer at least half a dozen times in last three months sometimes in good mood other times if i really write what i think might loose my job and others with a very heavy feeling of are we letting our salmon the king of fish slip away with out a fight and to be honest that's how i feel at the moment .
But then we have a obligation to the anglers that have paid to come to the Tweed and fish for salmon and are not quite as informed as they might be and not a really any the wiser unless you are a fully experienced person that has shared the same journey as a lot and has seen this glories river slip away quietly .
Thats where iam coming from there is a problem and we need to look into it all its huge and there's 100s of theories and whos not doing this and why haven't they tried this and what is ENOUGH the river is still flowing there are salmon in it and there's still people happy to come fishing lets work with what we have left at the moment but we must make the anglers time as magic a experience as possible and hope they catch a salmon because that's why there here because its to selfish to just lock them into all the politics and theories and lose them as well as they are the life line for the coming seasons ahead . This coming month Oct on Tweedside is the pinnacle of the season and lets try and give it all we can to hopefully see a turning point and carry on with anglers old and new catching and celebrating this true King Of fish . We have caught a few this week and have also had some lost last week was also good but with 59 salmon in the book and counting there has been worse seasons iam totally looking forward to October and meeting old and new anglers and at Tweedswood we are in full steam ahead to get that hundred salmon again well that wasn't as bad as i thought writing this but hope one day i will see my river full of silver salmon again cheers Kevin ... As a wee thankyou check out use discount code tweedswood10 and get a few Loop items be it lines rods or clothing but have a look and please use the Code on me for next few weeks its valade .

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