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(Last updated: Monday 16th April)

River Tweed River Report Week Ending 14th April

The week started with a high brownish water that wasn't ideal but a few fish were caught. Tuesday saw the return of the North East winds which stayed with us until Saturday, making fishing conditions a bit tricky. There were reports of a Seal seen above Wark on Tuesday morning, which may have moved some fish further up the river towards the Junction. Given the water conditions we might have expected a few more fish caught, but as they say when the wind blows from the east the fish bite least. Hoping for better things this coming week with some warmer weather forecast after a windy start.

On Thursday Mt Jack Power from Cork fishing on the Tweed for the 1st time landed a cracking 12lbs springer on the fly from Hempseedford ably assisted by boatman Pud Murray.

66 Salmon and 7 Sea Trout, with the best fish for the week was 20lb Salmon caught on the Birgham Dub Beat.

Makerstoun Head Boatman Mr Colin Pringle reports "Another cold and fairly quiet week apart from an exciting half hour for the Beresford-Davies lads, 13 year old Archie catching his 1st salmon then older brother Ollie 15, jumping into the boat while the seat was still warm to take his fish off the same lie, well done boys, you're the future"

Upper Hendersyde Head Boatman Mr Robert Jewels reports "4 nice fish to 12lbs, 1st half of the week, couldn't get a pull 2nd half, water colour didn't help Friday and Saturday"

Hendersyde Head Boatman Ketch reports "A tough week with the wind making things almost impossible at times and inbetween reminding the rods they're having fun while been lashed in the face by rain. We did manage to land 3 springers, one of them a very nice 17lber.

On Upper North Wark we had a good start to the week landed 2 sea liced springers and a sea trout on the fly from the Mill Stream, Some other brief contacts were made along with a nice fish lost in the Dub on Wednesday on the fly. Water coloured up Friday and Saturday that made things a bit trickier.

Mr David Cowan secretary of Berwick and District Angling Association beat on the Whiteadder reports "Whiteadder finally settled down at 2ft. Clean with slight tinge and in perfect condition for the start of next week. Fish seen running over the gauging station earlier this week by visiting anglers washed off Tweed but nothing reported caught so far. Rise in temperature might stop them running through over the next few weeks. Prospects looking better than so far this season."

The week ended with the level at Sprouston 1ft 9" and the water temperature is 44.

Looking at the availability for this coming week I would recommend the Lower Birgham, West Learmouth beats, with a few fish moving up past Kelso, the Upper Dryburgh beat should have a chance of a springer this week.

The forecast this coming week, rather cloudy and windy on Tuesday with rain or drizzle at times, and it will feel rather cool in the fresh southerly winds. Any early rain on Wednesday will soon clear, with most of the day dry and sunny, although still rather breezy. It will be very mild. Thursday will be a fine and dry day with light southerly winds, and it will be rather warm.

As always I would like to thank all those who provide me with the information to make this report, it is very much appreciated. If you have any information or photo's you would like included please get in touch with Martin on 07825334427 or

Most beats will be fishing various sinking density lines with poly leaders on the end at the time of year it has to be a Black and Yellow and if that fails a Yellow and Black! Copper tubes around 1.5" should be the order of the day, some anglers are choosing to fish more with Aluminium tubes and using the fly line to get down. Pattern's I would suggest are Black and Yellow (Tosh), Posh Tosh, Gledswood Shrimp and Spring Ghillie should bring success. A wee personal favourite of mine is the Black and Yellow Samurai Shrimp at this time of year. If you like to give the spinner a go, Rapala, Toby and Devon Minnow fished nice and slow should bring results.
As always come prepared and always listen to the advice of your boatman or ghillie. If you're needing to top up your fly box ahead of your trip please check out

Beat catches reported
(week ending 14th April)
SALMON & GRILSE: Upper North Wark 2, Birgham Dub 6, Sprouston 9, Hendersyde 3, Upper Hendersyde 4, Junction 12, Lower Makerstoun 2, Rutherford 3, Dryburgh Lower 1.
Total: 42 Largest: Birgham Dub 20lbs
SEA TROUT: Upper North Wark 1, Lower Birgham 1, Hendersyde 1.
Total: 3 Largest: Upper North Wark 4lbs
TROUT: None reported

Fishing on the River Tweed

Downstream from Coldstream Bridge.

This Season so far

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Catches reported to us were:

SALMON & GRILSE: Upper North Wark 1, Birgham Dub 8, Sprouston 3, Hendersyde 3, Upper Hendersyde 4, Junction 19, Lower Makerstoun 2. Total: 40
SEA TROUT: Upper North Wark 4, Lower Birgham 1, Sprouston 1, Hendersyde 1. Total: 7

SALMON & GRILSE: Upper North Wark 4, Lower Birgham 2, Birgham Dub 9, Sprouston 5, Hendersyde 13, Upper Hendersyde 12, Junction 30, Lower Makerstoun 4, Upper Makerstoun 3, Rutherford 5, Dryburgh Lower 3. Total: 90
SEA TROUT: Upper North Wark 1, Lower Birgham 1, Sprouston 2, Hendersyde 2, Junction 2, Lower Pavilion 1. Total: 9

Last Season

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