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Last week

(Last updated: Tuesday 20th January)

As this is written we are now counting down the weeks, an, days to the start of the 2015 salmon season on the Tweed. What a short close season we have had with only just enough time to clean down all our equipment and then sort out our various planned trips fro the year ahead.

Winter so far has thrown mighty winds at us, really wet days and even proper winter weather of snow and ice - a much more “normal” winter to that we have had in recent years.

I am sure you, like me, have been keeping an eye on the river levels over the las few months and no doubt as the start to the season gets closer we will be back into our old habits of making sure we check river levels on a daily basis and then soon adding a quick look at the catches starting to be reported!

We have been really busy in the office and demand has been strong with tweed anglers booking trips for the forth coming season, and there is still some really good value fishing to be had in the early season which must be tempting if this cold weather holds out. Fishing from below Coldstream all the way up to St Boswells would be worth a cast, you just never know when you might hook into that first springer of the season!

Our CEO Mark Cockburn has been busy too. A visit to the Tweed Foundation to hand over a cheque for some £3,416 was gratefully received by Nick Yonge. This money is donations from Tweed anglers who choose to make a donation at the time of making a booking. A fantastic way of helping support the work of the Foundation which is all about investing in the future of the river - well done to you all!

Opening day will once again herald the Tweedside AnglingTrophy being awarded to the largest fish caught on opening day - always great to pop into the shop after close of business on opening day to see who the lucky winner is for this year. Anglers are more than welcome to join in the fun if you are in the area.

Many a beats have their usual opening day plans to celebrate the coming of the new season and it would be great if you could send me photos of your party so we can populate our “photos page” with everything that is going on.

River reports and prospects will commence from the end of the first week of the season and continue throughout the season. If you have a story to tell, a photo to share or just something that you think a fellow angler might be interested in then please do give me a ring at the office - always great to get news from the river and let everyone else know about it.

It only remains for me to with you a happy and prosperous 2015 season on the Tweed - we are due a good year and I am sure you like me, are hoping that 2015 is a season to remember.

Tight lines everybody

Tom Carter

Beat catches
Last week was in the salmon close season so no catches to report

Fishing on the River Tweed

Downstream from Coldstream Bridge.

This Season so far

An end of season report will be listed.

Last Season

The River Tweed Commission released its figures for the river as a whole in early March 2014 at their AGM and reported as follows.

20,316 salmon were reported caught in 2013 (14,556 in 2012) of which 5,522 (1,371) were caught by nets and 14,794 (13,185) by rod and line. 75%, 11,110 fish, of the total rod catch was returned (65%, 2012). The rod catch was higher than that of 2012 and although slightly below the five year average, there are still only four years on record with a higher catch. Spring Salmon were caught in all the months to June, April having the largest rod catch. Most Salmon were, as usual, caught in the Autumn with very significant catches being made in the Upper River where the catch was above its five year average. Other parts of the River, including the tributaries, had catches slightly below their average.

More fish over 25lbs were caught than in recent years. Very large fish have been regularly recorded by the nets and by The Tweed Foundation in their fish counters but few have appeared in the rod catches. In this respect 2013 was different, perhaps indicating a larger proportion of these fish returning to spawn.

4,608 Sea-trout were reported caught in the 2013 season (3,314 in 2012), of which 3,157 (1,162) were by net and 1,451 (2,152) by rod. The Sea-trout rod catch was less than in recent years but this was almost certainly due to low water flows. Whilst catches are normally around June, this year they increased steadily through the year and peaked in October.

The full text of the RTC annual report can be seen by going to their website