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(Last updated: Thursday 11th December)

The Salmon and Seatrout season is now closed on Tweed and its other rivers, however the river is still open for Grayling fishing.

Here is some help information about it.

The Tweed is most famous for its salmon fishing, the sea trout and brown trout fishing is also up there with the best of them also, but the Tweed system hides a hidden gem in the form of a silver lady, Thymallus thymallus The Grayling. The Grayling was introduced into our rivers in the late 1800's but has thrived throughout most of our rivers, once seen as vermin in the rivers attitudes have now changed and our Grayling is a most sought after game fish.

Best fished for during the winter months December through January, these fish can provide some fantastic sport for the fisherman, predominantly they lie on or near the river bed feeding on nymphs and insects that drift past them, for the fisherman we need to get flies down to the river bed quickly to where these fish are, the double beaded pink nymph is one of the best flies to get down quick and will catch fish to, with the use of smaller beaded nymphs like the red and pink tag will help to get through the water layers quickly and will take a lot of fish, the Grayling's diet will mostly be on shrimp and sedge larvae so we use the Czech nymph style flies to imitate these insects often with a bright HOT spot on the fly.

For flies and tackle for grayling fishing, please call in at The Borders Gunroom, St Boswells, Tweedside Tackle, Kelso, and Hardy's Tackle shop, Galashiels.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 13th December)
SALMON & GRILSE: None reported
SEA TROUT: None reported
TROUT: None reported

Fishing on the River Tweed

Downstream from Coldstream Bridge.

This Season so far

An end of season report will be listed.

Last Season

The River Tweed Commission released its figures for the river as a whole in early March 2014 at their AGM and reported as follows.

20,316 salmon were reported caught in 2013 (14,556 in 2012) of which 5,522 (1,371) were caught by nets and 14,794 (13,185) by rod and line. 75%, 11,110 fish, of the total rod catch was returned (65%, 2012). The rod catch was higher than that of 2012 and although slightly below the five year average, there are still only four years on record with a higher catch. Spring Salmon were caught in all the months to June, April having the largest rod catch. Most Salmon were, as usual, caught in the Autumn with very significant catches being made in the Upper River where the catch was above its five year average. Other parts of the River, including the tributaries, had catches slightly below their average.

More fish over 25lbs were caught than in recent years. Very large fish have been regularly recorded by the nets and by The Tweed Foundation in their fish counters but few have appeared in the rod catches. In this respect 2013 was different, perhaps indicating a larger proportion of these fish returning to spawn.

4,608 Sea-trout were reported caught in the 2013 season (3,314 in 2012), of which 3,157 (1,162) were by net and 1,451 (2,152) by rod. The Sea-trout rod catch was less than in recent years but this was almost certainly due to low water flows. Whilst catches are normally around June, this year they increased steadily through the year and peaked in October.

The full text of the RTC annual report can be seen by going to their website