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Last week

(Last updated: Monday 25th July)

Well last week was busy for Kelso with Civic Week beginning on Monday then ending on Saturday with a great turn for the Yetholm ride-out, but not so busy for the fishing I'm afraid. With numerous ride-outs and festivities during the week, we were blessed with good weather for the riders (apart from when the heavens opened on Wednesday and thunderstorms followed). The river did rise by approx 18" not enough to make a great difference to the river, though hopefully it may have encouraged a few more fresh fish into the river system. Some days we had clear blue skies with bright sunshine, not ideal fishing conditions, but great BBQ weather! There seems to be less fishing pressure on the river currently, surprising as most beats are very affordable at this time of year!

One would expect beats around Coldstream to be the best bet, however looking at Saturdays catches this theory is totally thrown out of the ball park with fish coming from beats up as far as Bemersyde & Rutherford. Upper Makerstoun recorded 4 on Saturday, and 7 for the week, just goes to show it's worth a punt at this time of year. Salmon totals for the week from recording beats came to 62, which is okay considering Wednesday and Thursday were unfishable for majority of beats. Top beats for the week came from Upper Makerstoun (7) and Boleside (5) & Boleside with the largest catch of 18lbs. Seatrout catches for the week came to 44 from recording beats, with the largest coming from Tillmouth and Rutherford with 10lbs.

Ideally shorter double handed rods 12' and 13', or even a single handed 10' rod would work best currently. Using floating line with tapered leaders, along with small dressed flies or even a micro conehead. Best flies for seatrout are goat toe and chernoybl ant, both worth a cast in the evening in the faster water on your beat. Trout fishing had slower recently, however there have been some good sedge hatches, so an invicta or dry sedge is worth a go.

Weather for the week begins dry for Kelso moving into sunshine & heavier showers come Thursday/Friday/Saturday. Temperatures will fluctuate between 13-17 degrees for the week, beginning warmer then moving into the colder temperatures with the rain. Peebles forecast is similar with sporadic showers through the week and Thursday afternoon through to Friday morning forecasting heavy rain.

If anyone wants to report their catches this week, please feel free to let us know by emailing , tel 01573 225306 or pop into our new shop in Kelso - 13 Bridge Street - for a chat or if you have time a cup of tea/coffee! Wishing everyone a great week on the river and tight lines from Tim and the Tweedside Tackle team for another week!

Beat catches reported
(week ending 23rd July)
SALMON & GRILSE: Ladykirk 3, Milne Graden 2, Tillmouth 3, West Learmouth 4, Lower Birgham 2, Birgham Dub 2, Hendersyde 3, Upper Hendersyde 1, Junction 2, Lower Makerstoun 3, Upper Makerstoun 7, Rutherford 2, Dryburgh Lower 2, Bemersyde 1, Drygrange 1, Middle Pavilion 1, Boleside 5, Nest 1, BDAA Whiteadder 2.
Total: 47 Largest: Boleside 18lbs
SEA TROUT: Pedwell 1, Ladykirk 2, Tillmouth 2, Lower Birgham 1, Birgham Dub 1, Hendersyde 3, Junction 3, Lower Makerstoun 1, Upper Makerstoun 4, Rutherford 2, Dryburgh Lower 2, Lower Pavilion 3, Middle Pavilion 1, Upper Tindal 7, Redscar 1.
Total: 34 Largest: Tillmouth & Rutherford 10lbs
TROUT: None reported

Fishing on the River Tweed

Downstream from Coldstream Bridge.

This Season so far

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Catches reported to us were:

SALMON & GRILSE: Ladykirk 1, Upper North Wark 1, Lower Birgham 3, Birgham Dub 10, Sprouston 11, Hendersyde 19, Upper Hendersyde 4, Junction 21, Lower Makerstoun 5, Upper Makerstoun 2, Dryburgh Lower 2. Total: 79
SEA TROUT: Lower Birgham 1. Total: 1

SALMON & GRILSE: Tweedhill 1, Ladykirk 4, Tillmouth 10, West Learmouth 2, Upper North Wark 8, Lower Birgham 14, Birgham Dub 34, Sprouston 40, Hendersyde 24, Upper Hendersyde 12, Junction 48, Lower Makerstoun 1, Upper Makerstoun 1, Rutherford 12, Dryburgh Lower 4, Dryburgh Upper 1, Bemersyde 4, Middle Pavilion 1, BDAA Whiteadder 2, BlueStone 3, Redscar 1, Middle Ettrick 1. Total: 228
SEA TROUT: Milne Graden 1, Tillmouth 1, Lower Birgham 1, Junction 1. Total: 4

SALMON & GRILSE: Tweedhill 3, Ladykirk 5, Milne Graden 4, Tillmouth 18, West Learmouth 2, Upper North Wark 7, Lower Birgham 14, Birgham Dub 32, Sprouston 37, Hendersyde 23, Upper Hendersyde 16, Junction 65, Lower Makerstoun 13, Upper Makerstoun 7, Rutherford 15, Dryburgh Lower 4, Dryburgh Upper 3, Bemersyde 5, Drygrange 1, Tweedswood 3, Lower Pavilion 3, Middle Pavilion 8, Boleside 4, BDAA Whiteadder 1, BlueStone 13. Total: 306
SEA TROUT: Ladykirk 1, Tillmouth 2, Upper North Wark 1, Sprouston 1, Hendersyde 1, Dryburgh Lower 1, Boleside 1, BlueStone 3, Lower Tindal 2, Upper Tindal 1, Flodden 2. Total: 16

SALMON & GRILSE: Tweedhill 18, Horncliffe 2, Pedwell 1, Ladykirk 14, Milne Graden 9, Tillmouth 52, West Learmouth 10, Upper North Wark 4, Lower Birgham 11, Birgham Dub 45, Sprouston 53, Hendersyde 39, Upper Hendersyde 15, Junction 48, Lower Makerstoun 9, Upper Makerstoun 7, Rutherford 19, Dryburgh Lower 10, Dryburgh Upper 1, Bemersyde 10, Tweedswood 4, Lower Pavilion 7, Middle Pavilion 10, Boleside 26, Sunderland Hall 2, Fairnilee 1, BDAA Whiteadder 13, BlueStone 10. Total: 450
SEA TROUT: Milne Graden 2, Tillmouth 6, Lower Birgham 2, Sprouston 1, Upper Hendersyde 1, Dryburgh Lower 2, Dryburgh Upper 1, Fairnilee 1, BDAA Whiteadder 1, BlueStone 1, Tiptoe 5, Lower Tindal 8, Upper Tindal 5, Redscar 8. Total: 44

SALMON & GRILSE: Tweedhill 28, Horncliffe 6, Pedwell 6, Ladykirk 25, Milne Graden 10, Tillmouth 50, West Learmouth 24, Lower Birgham 1, Birgham Dub 31, Sprouston 58, Hendersyde 33, Upper Hendersyde 2, Junction 27, Lower Makerstoun 1, Upper Makerstoun 3, Rutherford 18, Dryburgh Lower 7, Dryburgh Upper 4, Bemersyde 5, Tweedswood 2, Lower Pavilion 1, Middle Pavilion 8, Boleside 5, BDAA Whiteadder 7, BlueStone 1, Lower Tindal 1, Upper Tindal 2, Redscar 1. Total: 367
SEA TROUT: Pedwell 1, Ladykirk 4, Milne Graden 12, Tillmouth 18, West Learmouth 3, Lower Birgham 4, Birgham Dub 3, Sprouston 9, Hendersyde 2, Junction 1, Rutherford 4, Dryburgh Upper 1, Drygrange 1, BDAA Whiteadder 2, Tiptoe 5, Lower Tindal 21, Upper Tindal 15, Redscar 19. Total: 125

Last Season

The River Tweed Commission released its figures for the river as a whole in late February and reported as follows.

The RTC's 2014 Annual Report noted that the winter of 2013/4 was the mildest on record and the season started with high water. The hot summer and lengthy dry spell meant that river levels were very low during the summer months but such conditions are not unusual. This resulted in very few fish showing in the system and even the deep pools in the lower reaches did not appear to hold many fish. In the autumn there were fewer fish backed up in the lower River. After the Spring, Salmon rod catches were much lower than they had been in recent years in all parts of the River. Even the north-east coastal net fisheries, which enjoyed excellent early Sea-trout catches and then summer fishing conditions, had poor Salmon catches. Conversely, good Brown trout and Grayling catches were reported on many parts of the River, Brown trout catches exceptionally so.

9,971 Salmon were reported caught in 2014 (20,316 in 2013). The overall catch, whilst extremely poor, was not as bad as many had predicted, with the rod fishery catching 7,767 (14,794 in 2013). 77%, 5,980 fish, of the total rod catch was returned (75% in 2013). 4,029 Sea-trout were landed in the 2014 season (4,608 in 2013), 2,050 by the rod fishery. Rod catches were near the highest levels seen in recent years.

Trout catches were exceptionally good in 2014. Good numbers of catch returns were submitted to the Tweed Foundation from the 2014 trout fishing season from most areas of the river system. All of those areas recorded their highest average catch rate for "oversize" (10" +) Brown trout during the nine years that the Tweed Trout & Grayling Initiative has been collecting data, which confirmed reports of the good quality trout fishing by anglers this year.

The RTC Annual Report 2014 includes further information about the Commission's work during the year, together with catch and trends graphs.

The RTC now allows public attendance at its Annual General Meeting, which are usually held at 9.30am on the first Monday in March each year at the Cross Keys Hotel, Kelso. Public attendance is welcome.

The full text of the RTC annual report can be seen by going to their website