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(Last updated: Sunday 22nd October)

River Tweed River Report Week Ending 21st October

Yet again another unsettled week of water and wind, the whole week was pretty much a wash out below Kelso with the effects of the Teviot rising most days, above Kelso done slightly better but still very disappointing for the time of year.

On Monday Upper Caberston landed a big cock fish weighing 33lbs

83 Salmon and 12 Sea Trout, with the best fish for the week was 23lb Salmon caught on the Ashiesteil and Lower Pavilion Beats.

Mr Cameron Chapman fishing on the Ashiesteil beat reports "Cover the water and the fish will come.
It couldn't be more different to Wild and Windswept Caithness, it's a complete transformation.
The rolling hills, agricultural land and majestic trees, it feels and looks like a different Country but it's not.
So I thought I'd test my 12'4" Opti NXT #7 and the Loop Scandi #8 on something a bit wider than the River Thurso.
Ashiestiel was running at 1'7" above summer level, a bit too high to be on song but she was running clear, so there's always a chance.
There were fish of every hue and dimension pushing straight through and upstream, in that height of water.
I was stunned at how easy it was to cover the water "well".
"Well", for me means a long line at a shallow angle but always reaching the other bank with the fly.
It was a joy to fish and in truth, it was so easy that it felt like spinning.
Unfortunately, I didn't hook my 23lber on the Opti but maybe that'll happen next week!
A stunning fish in a stunning location, amongst some of the most decent people you're likely to encounter on any river"

Above Kelso 44 Salmon were reported with the best of the catches made on the Traquair 11, Cardrona 5 and Boleside 5.

Between Kelso and Coldstream 25 Salmon were reported with Junction 4, Hendersyde 4, Lower North Wark, South Wark 4 & Lees 7 having the better of the fishing in far from ideal conditions.

On Upper North Wark, A very frustrating week with the water conditions up and down with plenty colour, the week was pretty much a wash out we did fish 3 days and had brief contact with a fish on Wednesday in the Dub.

Lees Head Boatman Mr Malcolm Campbell reports

"Monday 16th October. It was a strange day with hurricane Ophelia approaching. We started off with a flat calm and mild, warm even then by mid-morning the sky turned pink with a dull yellow tinge to it, all to do with sand from the Sahara which has been picked up by the hurricane I'm told, By lunchtime it was so dark the hens went to roost, by 3.00pm the sun was out again and it was sunglasses back on, but the wind was here and it was blowing straight upstream from Learmouth to the top of the Temple. 2'4" and 54 degrees this morning but clean water at last. The Trevelyan Thomas team here for three days and young Will was the top dog getting four fish onto the hook and landing three of them, one of them a liced 11lber from Learmouth stream. The drama of the day was Mark Lowe taking a tumble in the Glide and dropping his rod which will now be downstream somewhere, so if anyone finds a 14'0" Lennox rod with a Pfluger reel attached you know where it came from. The wind is to be with us until lunchtime tomorrow that combined with a wee rise coming down the Teviot could ruin the day. The catches were nothing to shout about only 20 reported off the Tweed by 8.00pm and I have to say there were a lot less fish about today at the Lees, you never know a big run might come in tomorrow.
Tuesday 17th October. A very windy morning, gales in fact as storm Ophelia went through, also a rising river which made all fishing efforts futile. Looking at the catches on the websites I see that Traquair had a 4lber which was the only fish reported off the river. It'll be better tomorrow.
Wednesday 18th October. 2'10" and 50 degrees and fairly murky this morning but much less wind. We got the team split up on to their respective bits to fish as we were all mainly at the top of the beat due to the level. Steven had an old 7lber from the lower cauld which was the best bit to fish at this height and colour. I started on the top half of the temple with Richard who was casting a bit too furiously and managed to stick a fly into my jaw, (note to self, duck quicker), after a yellow card was issued and a word of advice things settled down a bit, by lunch Stevens fish was still the only one we had. This afternoon I had Kate in the Cauld and her "snap "T" casting came on a treat, this was more a self-preservation exercise than casting practice. Richard Gerney managed to break his rod just before he finished another thing he hit with the fly! So at the close of play the score was 1 fish, looking across the websites we did as well as most and better than a lot. The Trevelyan Thomas team have had some bad luck with the wind and water but we've had a good craic and sorted out the casting, it'll be better next year for them.
Thursday 19th October. Same height and temp as yesterday but improved colour. Will Haggas, Claire Shaw (check out her art work) and Lucy Wrisdel here for the day along with Richard Mildway White, Tom Leslie from Fin and Game was also here to help keep an eye on the lot of them. First into a fish today was Lucy and it was a very important fish as it was her first, Lucy was wading the lower cauld with Tom and got into a 14lber which gave her a fair old tussle. The fish was cleaner than most but still not a keeper, but Lucy has the photos to keep. Will got an 11lber from the ledges this afternoon and that made up the total catch for today. The weather was much better than yesterday, calm and overcast and I expected more to be honest. As I write this at 7.30pm the gauges are showing steady but it's raining outside and the forecast is for a pickle rain tonight, will it rise and colour again? I hope not. The catches up and down the river were nothing to shout about, well you could shout but it won't make any difference.

Friday 20th October. It turned out to be a lovely autumn day today but not for fishing. The rain that sneaked up on us last night had the river rising and colouring, we started at 3'2" and it didn't move most of the morning but the colour really came in by midday and the chances of catching a fish were zero. Spent the day tidying up round the place set a few mole traps, plugged a few squirrels and scared off a cormorant or two (I have a licence). At 4.00pm the height was 3'5" and very brown and the question is will it fish tomorrow? There's to be a couple of hours of rain overnight so it will be touch and go tomorrow as we are already on a big water for the Lees. Trying to find a fish when its spot on is hard enough but at 3'0" and manky it's the needle in a haystack story. Looking at the websites there were 2 fish caught off the river today the lowest being at Dryburgh, there was 3 off the Middle Ettrick as well, (I'll bet they were bonny coloured).

Saturday 21st October. I didn't think we'd be fishing today but the bigger Tweed had washed a lot of yesterday's colour out, it hadn't dropped much and was sitting at 2'10". Richard Mildmay White fished until lunchtime then threw the towel in due mostly to the upstream wind. This afternoon I had Ritchie Gallagher in the Temple when to both our amazement we hooked and landed a fish. It wasn't a monster at 3lb 10oz but it was fairly fresh and turned out to be the biggest fish of the day as it was the only fish of the day. We were joined by what I at first thought was an otter but it was just too big and a good 150 yards away so the scale was all wrong, it was of course a bloody seal, it showed twice then just disappeared. On the websites tonight our fish is the only one from Berwick until you get to Middle Mertoun, then you have to go up to Boleside for the next one. A lot of rods had left yesterday so many beats weren't fishing today, I can't blame them as it's been a hard week and yesterday's rise and colour would be the last straw. More rain coming up tonight which is a bugger, what we need now is no more rain and a frost to drop it and cool it right down. I did see a few fish in the Temple but nothing in the Cauld as it's still a bit on the big side for the Cauld and I've not been down the beat for what seems like weeks so have nothing to say about that. 7 fish for the week. It'll be better next week"

Below Coldstream conditions were far from suitable and with this only 1 Salmon was landed on the Milne Graden Beat.

Milne Graden Head Boatman Mr Kevin Wright reports "One 6lb sea licer on Monday and another couple of offers on the same day. Rest of the week was a wash out"

On the tributaries, the main beats on the Till were quiet this week with no fish reported. Over on the River Ettrick the Middle Etrrick beat landed 7, while on the Teviot no fish were reported.

Mr David Cowan of Berwick and District Angling Association Secretary reports" Whiteadder started to rise towards the end of the week peaking at a foot and a half on Saturday and despite plenty fish showing and rods on the water the fish were not interested. Late report of two fish from Saturday. One fish at 7 lb and one at 10lb both returned."

The week ended with the level at Sprouston 2ft 4" and the water temperature is 50.

Looking at the availability for the upcoming week I would suggest Horsburgh, Bemersyde & Upper North Wark beats should have a good chance of some action this coming week.

The forecast this coming week looks like another unsettled week with wind, cloud and some showers.

As always I would like to thank all those who provide me with the information to make this report, it is very much appreciated. If you have information and photo's you would like included please get in touch with Martin on 07825334427 or
Water temperatures are starting to cool down dressed flies in sizes 6 or 8, if you prefer tubes over dressed flies 1" and 1.5" should be about right. Copper Cascade, Tritton Shrimp, Newtyle Shrimp, Ghillie, Pot Belly Pig, Snaelda, Red Frances & Junction Shrimp should bring success. As always come prepared and always listen to the advice of your boatman or ghillie. If you're needing to top up your fly box ahead of your trip please check out

Beat catches reported
(week ending 21st October)
SALMON & GRILSE: Milne Graden 1, Birgham Dub 2, Hendersyde 4, Junction 4, Dryburgh Lower 1, Dryburgh Upper 1, Bemersyde 1, Drygrange 2, Tweedswood 1, Lower Pavilion 1, Middle Pavilion 2, Boleside 5, Sunderland Hall 1, Fairnilee 1, Nest 1, Ashiestiel 3, Holylee 1, Traquair 11, Cardrona 5, Horsbrugh 2, Dawyck 1, BDAA Whiteadder 2, BlueStone 1, Middle Ettrick 9.
Total: 63 Largest: Lower Pavilion & Ashiestiel 23lbs
SEA TROUT: Fairnilee 1, Nest 1, Ashiestiel 1, Holylee 1, Traquair 1, Horsbrugh 2.
Total: 7 Largest: Fairnilee 6lbs
TROUT: Middle Ettrick 3. Total: 3.

Fishing on the River Tweed

Downstream from Coldstream Bridge.

This Season so far

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Catches reported to us were:

SALMON & GRILSE: West Learmouth 2, Upper North Wark 3, Lower Birgham 2, Birgham Dub 8, Sprouston 3, Hendersyde 4, Upper Hendersyde 1, Junction 17, Upper Makerstoun 1, Rutherford 3, Dryburgh Lower 2, Drygrange 1, BDAA Whiteadder 1, BlueStone 1. Total: 49
SEA TROUT: Lower Birgham 1, Sprouston 1, Hendersyde 2, Upper Hendersyde 3, Junction 2, Dryburgh Lower 1, BDAA Whiteadder 1. Total: 11

SALMON & GRILSE: Tweedhill 1, Ladykirk 1, Milne Graden 1, West Learmouth 1, Upper North Wark 8, Lower Birgham 4, Birgham Dub 4, Sprouston 10, Hendersyde 14, Upper Hendersyde 8, Junction 71, Lower Makerstoun 7, Upper Makerstoun 7, Rutherford 11, Dryburgh Lower 2, Dryburgh Upper 3, Drygrange 1, Tweedswood 1, Boleside 1, BDAA Whiteadder 2, BlueStone 2. Total: 160
SEA TROUT: Ladykirk 1, Upper North Wark 3, Sprouston 1, Junction 4, Dryburgh Lower 1, BDAA Whiteadder 1. Total: 11

SALMON & GRILSE: Tweedhill 11, Pedwell 1, Ladykirk 13, The Boathouse and Canny 2, Milne Graden 4, Tillmouth 12, West Learmouth 1, Upper North Wark 1, Lower Birgham 2, Birgham Dub 9, Sprouston 26, Hendersyde 13, Upper Hendersyde 8, Junction 30, Lower Makerstoun 7, Upper Makerstoun 3, Rutherford 13, Dryburgh Lower 4, Dryburgh Upper 4, Bemersyde 8, Tweedswood 1, Lower Pavilion 2, Middle Pavilion 5, Boleside 4, BDAA Whiteadder 1, BlueStone 3, Redscar and Upper Tindal 2. Total: 190
SEA TROUT: Pedwell 2, Ladykirk 3, Lower Birgham 2, Sprouston 1, Hendersyde 2, Lower Tindal 2. Total: 12

SALMON & GRILSE: Tweedhill 43, Horncliffe 1, Pedwell 5, Ladykirk 38, The Boathouse and Canny 1, Milne Graden 5, Tillmouth 29, West Learmouth 6, Upper North Wark 1, Lower Birgham 8, Birgham Dub 25, Sprouston 29, Hendersyde 32, Upper Hendersyde 11, Junction 33, Lower Makerstoun 2, Upper Makerstoun 3, Rutherford 2, Dryburgh Lower 7, Dryburgh Upper 5, Bemersyde 3, Tweedswood 5, Lower Pavilion 7, Middle Pavilion 9, Boleside 13, Sunderland Hall 1. Total: 324
SEA TROUT: Tweedhill 1, Ladykirk 8, Milne Graden 11, Tillmouth 18, West Learmouth 1, Upper North Wark 9, Lower Birgham 3, Sprouston 2, Hendersyde 2, Junction 2, Dryburgh Lower 3, Dryburgh Upper 1, Middle Pavilion 1, Boleside 1, Tiptoe 2. Total: 65

SALMON & GRILSE: Tweedhill 15, Pedwell 2, Ladykirk 22, Milne Graden 9, Tillmouth 24, West Learmouth 14, Upper North Wark 1, Lower Birgham 3, Birgham Dub 38, Sprouston 41, Hendersyde 37, Upper Hendersyde 17, Junction 48, Lower Makerstoun 4, Upper Makerstoun 14, Rutherford 24, Dryburgh Lower 5, Dryburgh Upper 10, Bemersyde 6, Drygrange 1, Tweedswood 17, Lower Pavilion 2, Middle Pavilion 10, Boleside 3, Sunderland Hall 1, BDAA Whiteadder 6, BlueStone 3, Tiptoe 1, Lower Tindal 1, Monteviot 5. Total: 384
SEA TROUT: Tweedhill 2, Horncliffe 2, Ladykirk 5, Milne Graden 7, Tillmouth 14, West Learmouth 1, Upper North Wark 1, Lower Birgham 6, Birgham Dub 15, Sprouston 5, Hendersyde 10, Junction 33, Lower Makerstoun 1, Upper Makerstoun 2, Rutherford 5, Dryburgh Lower 3, Dryburgh Upper 2, Drygrange 1, Lower Pavilion 1, Middle Pavilion 2, Boleside 3, Nest 1, Ashiestiel 2, BlueStone 2, Tiptoe 11, Lower Tindal 12, Redscar and Upper Tindal 13, Monteviot 5. Total: 167

SALMON & GRILSE: Tweedhill 10, Pedwell 3, Ladykirk 32, The Boathouse and Canny 2, Milne Graden 10, Tillmouth 38, West Learmouth 42, Upper North Wark 10, Lower Birgham 20, Birgham Dub 46, Sprouston 41, Hendersyde 37, Upper Hendersyde 10, Junction 42, Lower Makerstoun 2, Upper Makerstoun 4, Rutherford 27, Dryburgh Lower 10, Dryburgh Upper 9, Bemersyde 15, Drygrange 2, Tweedswood 11, Lower Pavilion 9, Middle Pavilion 10, Boleside 7, Nest 1, Horsbrugh 1, BDAA Whiteadder 15, BlueStone 7, Tiptoe 2, Lower Tindal 5, Upper Tindal 2, Flodden 1, Redscar and Upper Tindal 5, Middle Ettrick 1. Total: 489
SEA TROUT: Tweedhill 2, Horncliffe 1, Pedwell 4, Ladykirk 6, The Boathouse and Canny 2, Milne Graden 7, Tillmouth 10, West Learmouth 3, Upper North Wark 5, Lower Birgham 3, Birgham Dub 21, Sprouston 21, Hendersyde 32, Upper Hendersyde 3, Junction 58, Lower Makerstoun 3, Upper Makerstoun 3, Rutherford 23, Dryburgh Lower 9, Dryburgh Upper 8, Bemersyde 3, Drygrange 1, Lower Pavilion 6, Middle Pavilion 4, Boleside 6, Sunderland Hall 1, Fairnilee 2, Ashiestiel 5, BDAA Whiteadder 13, BlueStone 1, Tiptoe 14, Lower Tindal 9, Upper Tindal 1, Flodden 25, Redscar and Upper Tindal 54, Monteviot 3. Total: 372

SALMON & GRILSE: Tweedhill 10, Horncliffe 2, Ladykirk Lower 3, Pedwell 7, Ladykirk 29, The Boathouse and Canny 8, Milne Graden 23, Tillmouth 51, West Learmouth 30, Upper North Wark 3, Lower Birgham 13, Birgham Dub 66, Sprouston 65, Hendersyde 48, Upper Hendersyde 21, Junction 56, Lower Makerstoun 13, Upper Makerstoun 18, Rutherford 29, Dryburgh Lower 18, Dryburgh Upper 7, Bemersyde 14, Drygrange 3, Tweedswood 13, Lower Pavilion 5, Middle Pavilion 11, Boleside 15, Sunderland Hall 2, Fairnilee 1, Nest 2, Ashiestiel 5, Cardrona 1, Horsbrugh 1, BDAA Whiteadder 3, BlueStone 4, Tiptoe 4, Flodden 3, Redscar and Upper Tindal 2, Monteviot 5, Middle Ettrick 6. Total: 620
SEA TROUT: Tweedhill 1, Pedwell 1, Ladykirk 1, The Boathouse and Canny 1, Milne Graden 4, Tillmouth 5, West Learmouth 3, Upper North Wark 5, Lower Birgham 5, Birgham Dub 9, Sprouston 19, Hendersyde 6, Upper Hendersyde 20, Junction 48, Lower Makerstoun 4, Upper Makerstoun 2, Rutherford 10, Dryburgh Lower 6, Dryburgh Upper 13, Bemersyde 3, Drygrange 4, Lower Pavilion 11, Middle Pavilion 6, Boleside 15, Fairnilee 11, Nest 6, Ashiestiel 5, Holylee 2, Horsbrugh 1, BDAA Whiteadder 2, Tiptoe 1, Lower Tindal 3, Flodden 8, Redscar and Upper Tindal 4, Monteviot 2. Total: 247

SALMON & GRILSE: Tweedhill 7, Horncliffe 7, Ladykirk Lower 24, Pedwell 9, Ladykirk 15, The Boathouse and Canny 13, Milne Graden 9, Tillmouth 28, West Learmouth 33, Upper North Wark 3, Lower Birgham 23, Birgham Dub 34, Sprouston 35, Hendersyde 44, Upper Hendersyde 19, Junction 48, Lower Makerstoun 7, Upper Makerstoun 20, Rutherford 46, Dryburgh Lower 8, Dryburgh Upper 7, Bemersyde 11, Drygrange 11, Tweedswood 26, Lower Pavilion 14, Middle Pavilion 13, Boleside 47, Sunderland Hall 2, Fairnilee 8, Nest 8, Ashiestiel 7, Holylee 2, Traquair 1, Cardrona 3, Horsbrugh 4, Dawyck 2, BDAA Whiteadder 14, BlueStone 3, Tiptoe 3, Lower Tindal 4, Flodden 6, Redscar and Upper Tindal 6, Middle Ettrick 3. Total: 637
SEA TROUT: Horncliffe 1, Ladykirk Lower 2, Ladykirk 2, The Boathouse and Canny 2, Milne Graden 1, Tillmouth 5, Upper North Wark 1, Lower Birgham 1, Birgham Dub 1, Sprouston 1, Hendersyde 6, Upper Hendersyde 6, Junction 13, Lower Makerstoun 1, Upper Makerstoun 3, Rutherford 5, Dryburgh Lower 3, Dryburgh Upper 5, Bemersyde 3, Lower Pavilion 1, Middle Pavilion 1, Boleside 8, Fairnilee 2, Nest 3, Ashiestiel 4, Holylee 1, Traquair 1, Horsbrugh 1, BDAA Whiteadder 1, BlueStone 1, Flodden 1. Total: 87

Last Season

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