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(Last updated: Monday 26th June)

River Tweed River Report Week Ending 24th June

Coming off the back of the best week's catch of the season so far, hopes were high for a reasonable week. However, the return of the sunny, windy weather, combined with the lower river levels didn't help, but despite this fish were caught throughout the river. This season seems to be quite sporadic from week to week.

Mathie at Ladykirk reoorts that the fish that had settled with them in the low water moved on out of the beat. This was to be expected, but it would seem that with the current temperatures fish seem loathed to come in off the tide at present. A visiting anglers took a clean fish on Thursday, and another fish was taken during the week and a seatrout. Cooler conditions will suit, but the rain forecast might hamper the fishing, we will have to wait and see what we get.

Birgham Dub had the best fishing of the week landing 21 Salmon and 4 Sea Trout, the floors beats managed 13 while on the Mertoun beats 8 were landed. Middle Pavilion landed 3 for the week, inc a nice fish for Mr Graham Thomas from the Whirls. West Learmouth and Milne Graden picked away throughout the week.

Makerstoun Head Boatman Mr Colin Pringle reports “Only the 1 for the week, seem to have lost my fish to Rutherford”

Hendersyde Head Boatman Ketch reports "7 for the week, mostly fresh with the biggest fish being 13lbs. Lots of other offers during a week of tricky conditions with bright days and strong winds. Small flies are doing the business for some good summer sport"

The week ended with the level at Sprouston 3" and the water temperature is 63.

Looking at the availability for the upcoming week I would suggest Middle Pavilion, Lennel, Ladykirk and Tweedhill beats should have a good chance of some action this coming week.

The forecast this coming week looks like we could be in for some proper wet weather. Given recent catches on the back of these lifts this could help with the catches.

As always I would like to thank all those who provide me with the information to make this report, it is very much appreciated. If you have information and photo's you would like included please get in touch with Martin on 07825334427 or

Keep in touch with us, Martin Ritchie 07825 334427, Tom Carter 01573 470612.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 24th June)
SALMON & GRILSE: Tweedhill 3, Pedwell 2, Ladykirk 2, Milne Graden 4, Tillmouth 1, West Learmouth 5, Lower Birgham 1, Birgham Dub 21, Hendersyde 7, Junction 2, Upper Makerstoun 1, Rutherford 7, Dryburgh Lower 3, Dryburgh Upper 2, Middle Pavilion 3.
Total: 64 Largest: Birgham Dub 18lbs
SEA TROUT: Ladykirk 1, Tillmouth 1, Birgham Dub 4, Boleside 1.
Total: 7 Largest: Birgham Dub 6lbs
TROUT: None reported

Fishing on the River Tweed

Downstream from Coldstream Bridge.

This Season so far

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Catches reported to us were:

SALMON & GRILSE: West Learmouth 2, Upper North Wark 3, Lower Birgham 2, Birgham Dub 8, Sprouston 3, Hendersyde 4, Upper Hendersyde 1, Junction 17, Upper Makerstoun 1, Rutherford 3, Dryburgh Lower 2, Drygrange 1, BDAA Whiteadder 1, BlueStone 1. Total: 49
SEA TROUT: Lower Birgham 1, Sprouston 1, Hendersyde 2, Upper Hendersyde 3, Junction 2, Dryburgh Lower 1, BDAA Whiteadder 1. Total: 11

SALMON & GRILSE: Tweedhill 1, Ladykirk 1, Milne Graden 1, West Learmouth 1, Upper North Wark 8, Lower Birgham 4, Birgham Dub 4, Sprouston 9, Hendersyde 14, Upper Hendersyde 8, Junction 71, Lower Makerstoun 7, Upper Makerstoun 7, Rutherford 11, Dryburgh Lower 2, Dryburgh Upper 3, Drygrange 1, Tweedswood 1, Boleside 1, BDAA Whiteadder 2, BlueStone 2. Total: 159
SEA TROUT: Ladykirk 1, Upper North Wark 3, Sprouston 1, Junction 4, Dryburgh Lower 1, BDAA Whiteadder 1. Total: 11

SALMON & GRILSE: Tweedhill 11, Pedwell 1, Ladykirk 13, The Boathouse and Canny 2, Milne Graden 4, Tillmouth 12, West Learmouth 1, Upper North Wark 1, Lower Birgham 2, Birgham Dub 9, Sprouston 23, Hendersyde 13, Upper Hendersyde 8, Junction 30, Lower Makerstoun 7, Upper Makerstoun 3, Rutherford 13, Dryburgh Lower 4, Dryburgh Upper 4, Bemersyde 8, Tweedswood 1, Lower Pavilion 2, Middle Pavilion 5, Boleside 4, BDAA Whiteadder 1, BlueStone 3. Total: 185
SEA TROUT: Pedwell 2, Ladykirk 3, Lower Birgham 2, Sprouston 1, Hendersyde 2. Total: 10

SALMON & GRILSE: Tweedhill 43, Horncliffe 1, Pedwell 5, Ladykirk 38, The Boathouse and Canny 1, Milne Graden 5, Tillmouth 29, West Learmouth 6, Upper North Wark 1, Lower Birgham 8, Birgham Dub 25, Sprouston 22, Hendersyde 32, Upper Hendersyde 11, Junction 33, Lower Makerstoun 2, Upper Makerstoun 3, Rutherford 2, Dryburgh Lower 7, Dryburgh Upper 5, Bemersyde 3, Tweedswood 5, Lower Pavilion 7, Middle Pavilion 9, Boleside 13, Sunderland Hall 1. Total: 317
SEA TROUT: Tweedhill 1, Ladykirk 8, Milne Graden 11, Tillmouth 18, West Learmouth 1, Upper North Wark 9, Lower Birgham 3, Sprouston 2, Hendersyde 2, Junction 2, Dryburgh Lower 3, Dryburgh Upper 1, Middle Pavilion 1, Boleside 1, Tiptoe 2. Total: 65

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