(Last updated: Monday 12th November)

Very unsettled condition due, Wednesday could throw the river out for the end of the week.

You need to keep a very close eye on the rain patterns, but the temperature is still very mild for the time of the year.

Next week looks better with cooler and more settled conditions due in.

This week, sinking lines and good old heavy tubes. Willie Gun, Garry Dog, Comets, etc.

The river is now fly only until the end of the season on the 30th November.

As always come prepared and always listen to the advice of your boatman or ghillie.

Fishing on the River Tweed

Tweed at Upper Dryburgh

Kent with his 2018 Feb srpinger from Lower-Floors.

Relevant information

In a sport where success can be directly related to the particular weather and water conditions, accurate information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is invaluable. These pages should be a help to you:

Water Temperatures
Water Colour
River levels (Updated three times daily
Berwick Tide charts (Admiralty Easytide site)
Weather forecasts
Current rainfall (RainToday radar site)
Cloud Cover (Sat24 radar site)

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Travel information

Traffic Scotland provides current traffic reports for roads in Scotland.

Frixo provides current traffic reports for roads in England.