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Newsletter - February 2016

The first few days of the season saw the river still in flood with rain keeping levels high. By Thursday the river had started to settle and the first spring fish of the season was caught by local angler Bob Miller on Junction Beat. The successful fly was a Gold Bodied Willie Gunn.

This weekend sees the start of weekly Tweed reports from our Tweed reporter Tim Pilcher, along with beat reports from boatman across the river system. If you would like to receive regular updates on catches, river levels and fishing reports please follow this link to subscribe.

For more information about the Tweed system and to book a days fishing please call Tom in the office on 01573 470612. We have a list of accommodation providers within our Where To Stay pages, along with recommended fishing guides, instructors and tackle shops.

If you have a story to tell, a photo to share or something you think fellow anglers might be interested in then please do give the office a call. It is always good to get news from the river and share it with the angling community.

Tight lines
Anne Woodcock

Tweed Fishing Report

Presentation of the Tweedside Tackle Trophy.

Thank you to Tim Pilcher from Tweedside Tackle for the weekly Tweed fishing report.

With conditions settling by Thursday, anglers enjoyed the first sport of the 2016 season with fish up to 20lbs, the largest being caught by local angler Brian Douglas at Makerstoun. Junction reported fish, as well as Upper Floors and Whiteadder. Tony Black from the Tay fishing on Hendersyde caught an 8lb-er, and wanted to thank Ketch, Hendersyde's head boatman for looking after him in challenging weather conditions - read more.

As is tradition on opening week on Tweed, a presentation of the Tweedside Tackle Trophy (crafted by local artist Jason Sweeney back in 2007) was presented to Bob Miller for the first fish (8lb spring salmon) and head boatman Billy Jack by Tweedside Tackle owner Tim Pilcher. Bob is now the 10th Tweed angler to win this prestigious prize.

Fishing Insurance

I am sure we can all remember days when we were unable to fish because the river was in flood. The “Flooding Disruption” cover that comes with the FishPal policy is clearly deemed to be one of the most important features on offer that will prevent you from losing out financially if the river is in flood and un-fishable - read more.

We have learned a number of things from having had the policy now for over a year and I wanted to share some of these with you. The list is not meant to be exhaustive in any way and we will no doubt add to the list as we continue to learn of other different scenarios throughout the year - read more.

Full policy details can be found on our insurance page or give the office a call on 01573 470612 if you would like a quote to insure your fishing.

Tweed Welcomes Martin Ritchie

Savills and the Upper North Wark Beat on the river Tweed welcome New Head Boatman Martin Ritchie to Tweed. Martin has recently moved from the Tay to the Tweed after many successful seasons on this famous river. With sound knowledge and experience of salmon fishing, Ghillie work and Fly tying, Martin will no doubt be a great investment into the beat - read more.


Seasonal Ghillie for The Nest beat on the Upper Tweed.

The Torwoodlee & Buckholm Estates are looking to recruit a ghillie with good communication skills to look after guests fishing Nest Beat. The position is for 2 to 3 months during Autumn. Fishing knowledge is an advantage. For further details please contact Mr James Pringle read more.

Hardy Instagram

Hardy Fly Fishing are on Instagram! Follow them at Hardy

Simms Sale

Tweedside Tackle have a selection of Simms male and female clothing in their February sale - read more.

TweedStart Initiative

The latest Tweed Foundation TweedStart resource has been made possible by generous sponsorship, including anglers who have made donations whilst booking fishing via FishTweed. Mark Cockburn presented a cheque for £3,069 to the Foundation's Director Nick Younge. (pictured)

The online educational resource will be launched in late Spring and it will be available not only to all local teachers on both sides of the Border, but also nationally - read more.

Horncliffe Fishing

After the successful completion of the sale of Horncliffe Fishing, the beat is open for business as per normal. The beat will be operating with a ghillie and syndicate rods for the 2016 season will be available. After a good summer and early autumn last season, it is very much worth keeping an eye on and fishing once the water levels have dropped. Read more.

New Angling Codes

The new season is now underway, and all anglers should be aware of the revised Angling Codes, issued by the River Tweed Commission (RTC).

The revised Tweed Spring Salmon Code – for the River's Spring season to 30th June, and incorporating the Scotland-wide ban on killing any Salmon / Sea-trout (on Tweed) before 1st April - read more.

Trout & Salmon Magazine

Every month the finest contributors in the sport deliver informative, inspirational and entertaining writing, offering sage advice on locations, tackle and tactics with beautiful photography.

Subscribing to Trout and Salmon magazine is a great way to guarantee you never miss an issue of your favourite magazine at a reduced rate, and now you can enjoy your magazine subscription to Trout and Salmon in whichever way you like - read more.

Tweed Sweatshirt

Salmon Anglers who have fished Tweed, and who have abided by the Tweed Codes, may purchase a sweatshirt or polo shirt from the Tweed Foundation.

Showing your support in this way benefits and publicises both the River generally and the Tweed Foundation, which will receive a donation from every shirt ordered to help with their work on Tweed - read more.

Spring Fly Patterns

Ice Maiden Copper Tube Fly

With Spring fishing in full swing, there are a few flies that stand out in the cold icy waters to the Atlantic Salmon. One of these flies is the Ice Maiden, developed with spring fishing in mind.

We have put sunburst eyes on our copper tube version of the fly to attract the eye of any salmon sitting in your stream or pool. Yellow and black being one of the normal colour combinations for spring fishing but never forget about blue a firm favourite of mine at this time of year - read more.

Landward Visits Tweed

BBC Landward The Great Scottish Flood

Scotland's equivalent of BBC Countryfile featured Tweed in its Landward Special "The Great Scottish Flood". Dougie Vipond a regular with FishPal readers takes up the story, and asks what we can do to protect ourselves from such dramatic damage ever again. He meets the Tweed Forum and finds out more about their flood prevention scheme - read more.

Tiptoe Owners Are Finalists

Great British Farming Awards have announced this years Finalists and Carroll's Heritage Potatoes won the 2015 Arable Innovator Award. Lucy commented “Anthony and I are absolutely delighted with the announcement, especially as 2015 was our 10th Birthday! This is a wonderful testament to our fantastic team here at Carroll's who work so hard to provide a great service to all our wonderful customers”.

Along with running a successful arable farm, Lucy and Anthony own the popular salmon beat on the Lower Till Tiptoe Fishing.

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