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Newsletter - September 2015

Combines are working hard in the fields next to Tweed and as the days start to get shorter, our thoughts are now turning to Autumn on the river. Heavy morning dew, leaves changing colour and the start of the ‘back end' salmon run, which Tweed historically has been famous for.

Now is the time to prepare for your Tweed fishing trip. Have you checked your equipment, your FishTweed permit and accommodation booking? Our specialists this month, Middle Pavilion head boatman Mick Charlton and Malcolm Anderson of Caledonia Fly Company share with us their top tips for Autumn Fishing.

If you are lucky enough to hook into a big fish, and we know there are some big fish in the river, during the last two months anglers have caught salmon up to 28lb on Tweed, do please remember to enter the FishPal Malloch Trophy and for young rods there is a special prize for the top four who catch and release a salmon in Scotland. This year you can enter the competition on line which is quick and easy.

We would like to welcome Tim Pilcher and the team at Tweedside Tackle who have very kindly agreed to help us with the weekly Tweed report.

Tight lines
Anne Woodcock

Latest Fishing Report

There is definitely a change in the weather on Tweed. The start of the Autumnal Equinox coincided with the first frost which should help reduce water temperatures and hopefully encourage some of the fish below Coldstream bridge to move up river. We have reports of a large number of fish, in various shades from bright silver & sea liced to black on Tillmouth and beats below. It is encouraging to hear among them there are some good sized fish in their mid-teens and bigger. Someone is going to hit the jackpot when we do get a bit of rain, good luck to the anglers in the right place at the right time. With some big tides this week, many over 5m, we should see the lower beats enjoying another good week.

Despite not having as much rain as we had hoped for, there has been an increase in the total number of salmon & grilse caught at 194 for the week. Horncliffe, Tweedhill and Hendersyde have produced reasonable numbers, with Tillmouth doing extra well with 44! Tillmouth got the largest catch of the week with a 20lbs salmon, from Stephen Catlin - read more.

If you need any help with arranging your fishing on Tweed please give Tom a ring in the office on 01573 470612 or follow this link for the latest availability on Tweed.

FishPal Insurance

If you are planning a trip or indeed if you have already booked your fishing, do remember our exclusive insurance cover is available to take out with new bookings or can be added to existing bookings. This unique policy is the market leader, growing in popularity as you would expect, given the wonders of the UK weather!!

Full policy details can be found on our insurance page or give the office a call on 01573 470612 if you need any further assistance.

Update From Tom Carter

Jack Oliver 88 years old with young Nigel.

The last big flood we had on Tweed was back in March and although the weather has been cold with the odd lift of water the river is in need of a good flush out!! The tributaries like the main river are in desperate need of water. September has been a good month for catches on the lower beats and fish are making their way up stream but not in the numbers you would expect for the time of year.

I was out ghillieing for Jack Oliver, 88, last Saturday at Boleside. The conditions were the best for the week with some cloud cover. There were fish of all shapes and sizes moving during the day in a variety of colours from bars of silver to red, brown and black. I had tied some small, weighted red flies used on the Tyne with good success. The morning session Jack caught a 4 lb grilse and lost 2 further fish on my red fly.

This last few days of September are proving brighter during the day, but almost down to freezing at night with no wind.
Forecast for the remainder of this week is sunny with rain expected next week.

Tweed Boatmen & Salmon

William Quarry's book 'Salmon Fishing And The Story Of The River Tweed' contains valuable contributions and anecdotes from more than 70 past and present ghillies - the 'unique' Tweed Boatmen. You can pre-order a copy online of this years must-read book. The perfect gift for Tweed anglers this Christmas.

Sportfish Open Weekend

If you want to get your hands on the latest new kit from the top manufacturers, give it a trial run and quiz the guys who designed and made it then make sure Saturday 3rd October is in your diary!

The brand new Hardy rod range will be in store including the much anticipated ‘Wraith' and the salt and freshwater ‘Zephrus' models It's not all about the rods either, you can also check out the new Hardy Ultralite reel models. Come and meet England International Howard Croston and his team from Hardy Greys this weekend.

Atlantic Salmon Dying At Sea Myth Or Reality?

Thank you to Tony Andrews, Executive Director of the Atlantic Salmon Trust for sharing this with us.

If we are to succeed in bringing higher numbers of salmon back to our rivers, we must first improve our understanding of the whole life of the iconic wild Atlantic salmon, and then find new ways to protect the species throughout its life in fresh and salt water - read more.

Top Tips For Autumn

Mick with Archie Scott a Junior Malloch Award contender.

Middle Pavilion Head Boatman Mick Charlton shares with us some top tips to make your next fishing trip a success.

With the Autumn nearly upon us, now is the time to check you are prepared for your fishing. Check your booking for your beat, make sure you have booked all the days you want, leaving it until the last minute and hoping the water will be right can end up in a mad scramble at the last moment and often disappointment!

If you are unsure about a beat's suitability seek advice before booking. It is also a good opportunity to seek advice on the tackle required for Autumn fishing on Tweed if you are not used to large rivers. As conditions on the river change, tackle may vary slightly from last year - read more.

Within the Middle Pavilion Estate are 4 recently finished luxurious barn conversions with spectacular views towards the Eildon Hills and countryside beyond, perfect for anglers fishing Middle Pavilion beat - read more.

Introduction To Salmon Fishing

Enjoying a day's salmon fishing on Boathouse.

Crabtree & Crabtree holiday homes have been introducing their property owners to salmon fishing on Boathouse beat, Tweed during September. Our Marketing Director Anne Woodcock met up with some of their owners who were trying salmon fishing for the first time last Friday. Well done Emma Crabtree and her team, what a great idea.

Tweed Flies For September

The Indian summer has arrived and to say we have little water would be an understatement. Old fish a plenty and very few fresh fish in the river. There is no point dwelling on tough conditions, instead how do we get a take from a fish in these challenging conditions.

There are a few ways, fish early and late in the day and fish smaller sized sparsely dressed flies with a touch of orange or red in them. Thirdly fish black or red Francis and Snaelda style flies of say ½” copper tube or even small 8mm coneheads and get these as close to the river bed as possible. For sparsely dressed patterns use a clear tip and use a fast tip with a Francis or a Snaelda. Remember that fish will turn on at some point in the day as they will venture around the pool for a short swim. You will see these fish showing in the head of a pool in the streamy water, moving around to beat the boredom factor, waiting on more water so they can push up the system. At this point they are more likely to have a go at a fly as they return to their lie.

My Caledonia Fly Company patterns of choice for the current conditions would be Executioner, Copper Devil and a small favourite of mine a black and red loop tube.

Good luck to everyone and let's hope the rain comes for the anglers and most of all for all these fish stuck in the pools waiting for fresh water to get to their place of birth. Malcolm, Caledonia Fly Company

BBC Landward Visits Tweed Foundation

Landward's Euan McIlwraith went electo-fishing with Kenny Galt of the Tweed Foundation on the upper reaches of the Tweed catchment for BBC1 Scotland. The Landward team also explore the Borders, including the new railway at Galashiels which was opened this month by the Queen - read more.

BBC Landward is Scotland's equivalent to Countryfile.

Tweed Foundation would like to remind all anglers to dispatch and report any pink salmon -read more.

Keep in mind that if you are lucky enough to hook into a big “back end” Tweed fish then you can still enter the FishPal Malloch Trophy competition which is awarded now for the “best,” not necessarily the “biggest” fly caught salmon in Scottish waters. Measure the length and girth, weigh the fish if possible whilst still in the net and if you can, take a couple of photos of the fish and you just never know!

This year there is a junior prize open to all juniors aged 17 years or under, on the 31st December of that year, who catch and release an Atlantic Salmon on a Scottish river using any legal method.

Special offer on wading jackets, 10% off Sasta flow and pro jackets - read more.

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