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Autumn Fishing On Tweed

Finally the weather has changed. The arrival of much needed rain in the borders earlier this week and the resulting spate should see fish spread throughout the system and encourage fresh fish to enter the river.

Autumn Salmon on Ladykirk

The week so far has been very busy at FishTweed with calls from anglers booking fishing for the coming weeks. If you are planning a visit to the Tweed this month or in November we can't stress enough that availability is limited. We have lost count of the number of calls where customers have asked "do you think the beat will have any cancellations". Boatman we speak with are also receiving similiar calls - Find Fishing.

Availability has been added in the last 24 hours for Junction, Tillmouth, West Learmouth and Ravenswood beats. For all available rods in November please visit the Tweed Find Fishing section.

Congratulations to LadyKirk beat, winner of the September fish of the month competition sponsored by Borders Gunroom. The 22lb salmon nets the winner a £50 Borders Gunroom gift voucher - read more.

This month sees the launch of a new competition with Mackenzie Rods for the very best story, photograph or video of a salmon caught and released on the fly in Scotland this Autumn. Your salmon does not have to be the biggest to be a contender. The winner will choose a rod from the DTX range with world spey casting champion and owner of Mackenzie rods, Scott Mackenzie - read more.

If you catch and release a salmon on the fly in Scotland in 2014 that weighs 20lb and above why not enter the FishPal Malloch Trophy - the first 50 entries will receive a FishPal Malloch Trophy fishing hat and a personal invitation to the award ceremony next year.

Tight lines everybody!

Anne Woodcock
Marketing Director

FishPal Malloch Trophy

Fishing In October

The river welcomed the much needed flood. Most beats were un-fishable from Friday through to Monday. Levels and colour started to settle Tuesday enabling customers the chance to cast a line. With a cooling of temperature at night and more rain forecast, though not in large quantities, catches should now be typical of October on Tweed.

Large numbers of fish were seen running the Cauld at Kelso on Sunday and fish have been seen in numbers on the Ettrick at the Philliphaugh Cauld. The fish that were seen running are coloured fish which have been in the system a wee while. We would expect fresh Autumn fish to start appearing, especially with high tides over the next few nights.

There is a note of caution, the Tay floods have mirrored those of Tweed. Tay beats are seeing very strong numbers of fish, but, are proving challenging to catch. Water temperatures on both rivers are still untypically high for this time of the year, though temperatures are now starting to get cooler at night. Find Tweed Fishing

October Beats To Fish

Autumn Salmon on Rutherford

Bluestone: two miles of single right bank fishing with twelve named pools across two beats. Rods rotate at lunch time. The beat owner has made significant improvements to access for anglers on this beautiful stretch of river - read more.

Teviot is the Tweed's main tributary and joins the river at Kelso. The Teviot offers many angling opportunities to local and visiting anglers, at reasonable prices - find fishing.

Tiptoe one mile of fishing on the River Till. Fourteen named pools provide exciting and varied fishing along a mixture of streamy, holding pools. Anglers can wade and bank fish. A fishing hut is positioned mid-way with a bench and a shelter - read more.

Middle Ettrick and Lower Ettrick The Ettrick joins the river from the south bank, just above Galashiels at Boleside. Although not the largest tributary of the river, the Ettrick is certainly the most significant due to the fact that virtually all of the Tweed's Spring stock spawn in the Ettrick system - find fishing.

If you would like more information and advice on Autumn fishing for salmon please contact Tom on 01573 470612.

Win A Mackenzie Rod

Lines & Flies For Autumn

Continuing our series on flies and lines, Malcolm Anderson, Caledonia Fly Company shares his Autumn gems with us. Iain Kirk (pictured) from Mackenzie DTX talks about the new G2 salmon lines.

Iain Kirk Mackenzie DTX

Malcolm says "With a flood lifting up the river, the following October colours of orange, red and even purple will provide you with sport on the Tweed - read more

Iain says "Whether you are targeting resident or running fish the choice of line is important. Our new G2 lines have been cleverly tapered to give a balance between ease of casting and stable flight. They feature a lengthened rear taper, predictable presentation in all conditions and excellent turnover of poly-leaders. The new range also feature small welded loops at each end allowing anglers to change heads or leaders quickly and easily whilst on the river. We offer a variety of lines to suit different rated rods and every style of casting from those who use a shorter faster stroke to those with a longer more traditional stroke - read more.

Your Safety & Fishing This Autumn

We can't stress this enough - please contact your boatman/ghillie a few days before your days fishing to get advice on the correct line, nylon and flies to use. Their contact details are within your booking confirmation - please contact the office on 01573 470612 if you have lost your booking confirmation or need it re-sending.

If there is a considerable rise in river levels and your head boatman tells you the river is un-fishable then please follow their advice. They know their beats and it is for your safety and that of others. We have been told of rods wanting to continue fishing on Saturday on a rising river, over four and a half feet and still rising. They refused to follow the boatman's advice. It is very easy to slip off a riverbank during high coloured water and you will be swept downstream a considerable distance in a short period of time. You are also risking the lives of others who will be called out to search for and rescue you.


FishPal Malloch Trophy

FishPal Malloch Trophy

The largest fish reported so far this year in Scotland is the 33lb spring salmon caught by Mr Wayne on the Tweed at Hendersyde on 5th May. Will it be the third year in a row that the Tweed has won the Malloch Trophy?

Every salmon caught on the fly and released in Scottish waters over 20lb is eligible to enter the competition. This year to celebrate FishPal's sponsorship of the trophy the first 50 entries will receive a unique FishPal Malloch Trophy fishing cap and also a personal invitation to the award ceremony - read more.

The award ceremony in Scotland will be the most anticipated salmon event of the year.

FishPal Malloch Trophy Entry Form

Sky Sports TV Visit Tweed

Sky Sports Fish Boleside Beat

Sky Sports presenter Keith Arthur fished for salmon and grayling on the Tweed this week with FishPal's Anne Woodcock for the popular TV programme Tight Lines. Keith was greeted with rather challenging conditions on Monday, most of the river was in flood and many anglers fishing sessions were curtailed by rising, dirty water.

Keith managed a morning session with Mick Charlton on Middle Pavilion, but sadly only trout were in the taking mood. By lunch time the water was too high and not safe to fish. The crew left for the Whiteadder, which had not been affected by the torrential down pours on Tweed.

Tuesday and a dropping river, Keith was fishing with Nigel Fell on Boleside beat where last years Malloch Trophy winner caught the 50lb salmon. After casting tuition from Nigel, Keith fished the famous Glenmayn pool, followed hot on his heels by our marketing director, whose junction shrimps and garry dog flies were attracting trout, but salmon were still proving to be rather elusive.

His final day on the river and with good conditions, Keith joined Tweed grayling and trout experts Fin Wilson and Mike Allan for a session chasing the lady of the stream. Did Keith hook more than grayling during his session? - read more.

Autumn offers from the Tontine Hotel

Bridge Restoration Programme

Tweed Forum

The fourth feature in a series of news from the Tweed Forum focuses on bridge restoration.

Old Manor Bridge is an iconic, listed bridge giving access to some of the most attractive parts of the upper Tweed valley. It is much used and loved by the people of Peebles and Tweed Forum are exploring options for its restoration - read more.

Tweed Forum was formed in 1991 "to promote the sustainable use of the whole of the Tweed catchment through holistic and integrated management and planning". In close partnership with our members, Tweed Forum works to protect, enhance and restore the rich natural, built and cultural heritage of the River Tweed and its tributaries - read more.

Autumn offers from Crabtree and Crabtree

Latest Tweed News

Sky Sports TV Fish Middle Pavilion

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