Away from your computer, but still needing river levels, catches and rod availability? FishPal's app will help you out.

How do the App pages differ from our normal pages?

  • Much narrower - so on most phones you will not have to scroll horizontally, only vertically.
  • Less download time - the pages have minimal code & only one image, so they should download quickly and at minimum cost.

What do they cover?

The pages include:
  • This week's catches so far
  • Last week's catches
  • River levels
  • Rods available - this week
  • Rods available - next week
  • Rods available - the week after
All pages are updated hourly.

Can I preview the app?

Use this link to go to the Tweed page:

How do I install the app?

See the main FishPal App page
Fishing on the River Tweed

The FishPal app

What about other information?

So far we have only included pages on information that is immediate and constantly changing.

Other pages on our main web site can be still be viewed in web format.

Alternatively, you can ring the office and we can help you on the phone.

Can I book online?

There are no special app booking pages yet, but again you can use the main web booking system, if your phone allows and you are good at entering text using your phone's keypad.

Alternatively ring the office and we will do the booking over the phone for you.

Need help?

Do ring us on 01573 470612 we will be more than happy to help you.