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Last updated: Monday 1st October

Hi All, Well the mornings are getting colder the leaves are turning so it must be Autumn! As for the famous Tweed Autumn run the jury is still out on that one!
As for us we had a reasonable September. First salmon of the month were both landed by Mr Rae Borrass one from the Elm Weil and one from the Spit. Next it was Mr Tim Briggs at it again this time one from the Boat Shiel on A Boyo.
The 19th and a howling gale! still the boys kept fishing (even though I told them they had a screw lose!) And their hard work paid off 2 fish were landed both on Ally shrimps one for Mr Nick Bateman in the Boat Shiel and one for Mr Chris Whittington in the Beech Tree. The following day with the water up and dirty a sea trout for Mr Christophe Cuenot from France, Caught in Megs. Christophe continued his catching streak the following day with one from the Bridge pool , then another from the Elm Weil on a Cascade.
The Next fish caught was another sea trout this time for Mr Olivier De victor from the Whirls, the same day a salmon for Mr Houston Mcculloch, from the Beech Tree, And one for Mr John Russell from the Boat Sheil both on the Ally Shrimp.
Next to land a fish was Mrs Inge Meyer from Germany Landing a fish from the Spit, on her first visit to the beat.
The last two fish of the month went to that man Tim Briggs this time one from the Whirls and one from the Beech Tree both caught on a Tay Wolf.
Top Rod Trophy
I can't see anyone getting close to Mr Tim "Fish Charmer" Briggs!!! with 7 salmon and a couple of sea trout he's a country mile in front of the chasing pack!
Finally we have now reduced the price of the remaining October fishing. If anyone is interested give me a call.
Cheers Mick

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