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Last updated: Saturday 2nd June

Hi All, Sadly the Spring on the beat, river or in fact most Scottish rivers has not been what we were all hoping for!
For whatever reason and I think I like most gillies have heard every theory, explanation, rant that people can come up with. I could go into all sorts of possible reasons. But i'm sure you've heard and discussed them all! What I will say is Mr Ian Gordon has produced a very well written piece which is well worth reading and responding to as Ian is at least trying to do something positive, instead of just bleating on various forums. I have attached a link here.
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Now for some good news! We finally got going at the end of April, Middle pavilion Top rod from last year Mr Tim Briggs getting the first of the season from the Boat Shiel on an Xrap . Then Did the same again the following day.
Next one landed was by Mr Steve Howard on the Spit, caught on a Gledswood shrimp, This was Steve's first ever salmon.
16th May and one for Mr Niall Morrison again from the Boat Shiel, this time on a Francis type fly.
Since then we have had a run of Sea Trout appear with 3 caught last week 2 by Mr Thor Jacobson from Norway, and 1 for Mr Stephen Fielding's guest .
As I speak the river is up a couple of feet, and carrying a lot of muck. Maybe when it settles a few fish will move in, as June and July were good months last year on the river hopefully we can have a repeat.
Will still have rods available for the summer months if anyone is interested contact me, 07932105544
Cheers Mick

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