Largest Fish So Far

This page only includes fish reported to us by our member beats. If you have caught a larger fish than is listed here, please ask the beat to give us the relevant information or ring or email us.


River areaSo far this monthlbsSo far this seasonlbs

Bottom TweedHorncliffe18Horncliffe (Aug)18
Lower TweedTillmouth19Upper North Wark (Jun)25
Middle TweedRutherford16Rutherford (Apr)18
Upper TweedAshiestiel5Ashiestiel (Fri)5
Tributaries0BDAA Whiteadder (May)9

OVERALLTillmouth19Upper North Wark (Jun)25

Previous Heaviest Salmon:

2015 - 28lbs Boleside
2014 - 35lbs Upper North Wark
(Malloch Trophy winner 33 lbs - Hendersyde)
2013 - 50 lbs - Boleside
2012 - 43 lbs - Bemersyde
2011 - 35 lbs - Sunlaws
2010 - 35 lbs - Caberston Upper
2009 - 30 lbs - Lees, Carham, Gledswood
2008 - 30 lbs - Caberston Upper
2007 - 34 lbs - Lees
2006 - 33 lbs - Lower Birgham
2005 - 32 lbs - Caberston Upper

Heaviest Tweed Salmon ever:

57.5 lbs Upper Floors 27th October 1886

Full details of salmon caught over 25lbs each season can be seen in the relevant annual report of the River Tweed Commission

Wayne Longstaff of Teesside with his fine 33lb spring salmon caught on Hendersyde on 5th May 2014

Sea Trout

River areaSo far this monthlbsSo far this seasonlbs

Bottom TweedHorncliffe4Horncliffe (Sat)4
Lower TweedMilne Graden10Birgham Dub (Jun)12
Middle TweedLower Pavilion5Rutherford (Jun)10
Upper TweedNest4Ashiestiel (May)4
TributariesRedscar and Upper Tindal3Lower Tindal (May)6

OVERALLMilne Graden10Birgham Dub (Jun)12