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Last updated: Tuesday 12th December

December 2017

End of 2017 season Bluestone Report

  2017 was not a good  year for Tweed  fishing.  Lack of returning fish in the autumn was the major concern. The early part of the year had a few small spring and summer rises in water levels. These were not sufficient to give prolonged fishing over a period or bring a strong run of fish into the river. When we finally got water it was too late in the season to benefit fishing. The 2017 season's catch at Bluestone was 25 salmon and 4 sea trout. The monthly catch was:

February              1 salmon               (Jim Cook's fish from the Hut Pool on Opening Day)

March                 2 salmon                 (low water for most of month, little fishing effort)

April                   3 salmon                  (low water for most of month, little fishing effort)

May                   0 salmon                     (very disappointing, low water all month)

June                  3 salmon,  1 ST           (a few fish about when we had small lifts in water)

July                   7 salmon,   2 ST             (some decent fishing days on lifts of water)

August             4 Salmon                      (Mostly low water, fish in river even in low water)

September       3 Salmon,  1 ST             (Disappointing, very low water throughout month)

October             2 Salmon                        (Disappointing, no autumn run of fish, low water)

November 0 Salmon                         (Low water until final week, no fresh fish, little effort)

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