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Last updated: Wednesday 10th October

The Farr Side

10th October 2018

Last week seen 7 fish landed an a few lost, the water was very low and clear most of the fish came on size 10 and 12 dressed flies with the Cascade doing most of the damage. 10 foot intermediate and type 3 tips. The early part of week saw most of the fish landed but as the water dropped it went quiet. Mixed party Neil Sayers had 3 up to 10 lbs, Bob Bilsand had 2 the biggest 12lbs and Brian Skye weighed in with 2. Most fish came out of the Boat Pool but Woodside and the Stream had fish. Monday started with little water and no fish, Tuesday we had a gale force wind and a rising water and today as I speak the river is a foot on the gauge with some colour with the rain from last night. The sun is out and a few fish running.

The Farr Side

15th August 2018

After nearly six weeks of dry weather in the Borders the rain has finally arrived and it is more than welcome!! Rain all day Sunday, but with the land being so dry we only had a foot of water in the river and some colour by Monday lunchtime so no fishing in the afternoon. We did see some older fish move in that morning.

I was looking forward to the Tuesday and a little water and some fish make the difference!! Fiona Brown lost a fish in the Stream in the morning and Stewart Robinson landed 2 in Boat Pool 1 fresh grilse 3lbs and an old spring fish about 10lbs.

The water is below the gauge now but we managed s 10lbs fish out the stream on a no 8 Ally Shrimp, Andrew Dryburgh being the lucky rod.

The forecast was for more train at the beginning of the week but it has not materialised weather forcasts change like the fishes moods! Let's hope we get some more soon or we will be back to summer levels by the end of week.

Some sad news to tell you all old Holly passed away this month after 14 years down the river with me so no more barking when you guys and girls get a fish on in the Dish, will be missed at Bemersyde.

On a lighter note I have a new pup called Honey on the beat for you all to meet when you come down to fish.

The grass is cut and also the weed so all ready to fish when we get water and more fish. Here is hoping we get a Autumn Run of some sort this year on the Tweed.


Farr Side to 31st May 2018

Well that's the end of the spring fishing for this season, the early months where dominated by cold weather which made it nearly impossible to get started on the river then as soon as the snow and frost went it never stopped raining so much a wash out for the first few weeks of the season.

It was very quiet on the river fish wise, the beats around Kelso started to pick up some fish but not as many as usual, so no fish for us until May this year when we had 2 in 2 days both very fresh 1 out the Dish 10lbs on the fly and 1 out the Stream also on the fly.

Fish started to show end of April but in small numbers. May some fish starting to lie in the pools on the whole beat so gave us some encouragement! Some fish moved on and not many came in to replace them the bright dry weather this last 3 weeks is not helping. As I speak the river is at summer level now with no significant rain forecast for the next week or so.

We might get some thunder and rain to freshen things up this weekend fingers crossed.

A few Cha fed on the beat after the floods of last season Sangstars has filled in the middle so now giving us 2 streams to fish she looks good in the low water just need some fish in it'

As a result of that the Boat Pool is a slower bigger water now so that helping pool not as fast. Flow in stream has moved to the north bank this year and more water coming same side of the hut.

Let's hope we get some water in June and July and see if any fish come, but looking at catches around Coldstream it is not looking like much is pushing into the river at moment.

Plenty ducklings about now and we have Sand Martin's nesting beside the island only the second year in my time.

Seen the King Fisher but she not nesting with me this year.

I have a new pup named Honey and I hope you will all see her this season.

I will be starting to strim as grass growing like mad now and also the weed in river getting a start.

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