Federation of Border Angling Associations

Almost all of the Angling Clubs and Associations in the Borders belong to the Federation of Border Angling Associations. The federation exists to promote the interest of angling as a sport in the Borders and conserve the interests of Border anglers by:
  • Encouraging the formation throughout the Borders of angling clubs or associations.

  • Using its influence to have the laws affecting anglers and the methods of angling duly enforced.

  • Effecting necessary changes in the existing law and co-operating with the relevant bodies.

  • Promoting meetings for the education or discussion of subjects of general interest to anglers.

  • Intervening, when requested, in disputes that may arise between members of the federation and between members and third parties.

  • Protecting the interest of its members, and conserving the sport of angling in fresh water in Southern Scotland.

  • Encouraging Social meetings between members, clubs and anglers for the better appreciation and enjoyment of the sport.

Contact details

To raise an issue with the federation please contact the Secretary and Treasurer:

Peter Reith
EH44 6PL
E-mail: peterreith@btinternet.com