About FishTweed

FishTweed is a web-based marketing service with call centre provided by FishPal to promote freshwater angling in the River Tweed and its catchment.

All proprietors/managers of freshwater fisheries within the Tweed and Eye catchments are eligible to use FishTweed and there are no annual subscriptions for this. Any lets made through the system attract commission. The system also provide fisheries with their own free web sites


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Other Tweed Organisations

FishTweed is about helping you to book and organise your Tweed Fishing. It does not have any role in how the river is run. For these details please have a look at these sites:

River Tweed Commission: Regulates the various Tweed fisheries under the Scotland Act 1998 (River Tweed) order 2006

Tweed Foundation: Charitable trust set up by the RTC to protect and enhance fish stocks

Tweed Forum: Umbrella body for many organisations involved with managing Tweed

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