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Carbeth Fishery




Carbeth is a family run fishery providing great rainbow trout fishing in Scotland. We situated in the beautiful Scottish countryside, within easy reach of both Glasgow and Stirling, our scenic location is a great backdrop for relaxing and enjoying an exhilarating few hours fishing.

We're 15 minutes from Glasgow, Scotland, on the outskirts of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, one mile from Queen's View.


Four Ponds

We have four ponds to suit all abilities from expert to complete novice. They are stocked on a daily basis with up to 5 different types of trout between 2 to 20lb.

Troutmasters Venue

The water is also a Troutmasters venue, which means that there are three badges awarded every month by Trout magazine for those anglers skilful or lucky enough to catch the three biggest fish. These badge winners then take part in a fish-off to go and represent us in the national competition.


Pond 1 was developed in way back in 1997 when we first opened. At around two acres in size it provides excellent bait fishing for anglers and family groups. It is fed by a burn via a wildlife pond - foreground in picture. Pond 1 averages 15ft in depth, it varies through a series of ledges. It also has a small island and a couple of bridges. There's bank fishing only.

Disabled Access

There's great disabled access on this pond with a concrete strip along the side closest to the shop (right of picture). Pegs one and two next to the shop are priority access for disabled anglers. A gravel path runs around the pond and there are chairs, fixed benches and two covered shelters, plus the shop/ cafe to relax in. Toilets also allow for wheelchair access.

Rules & Regulations

We have restrictions on bait and tackle. Information is provided in the regulations.

Advice & Tuition

If tuition is required please let us know before hand so we can arrange this.


The fly pond was opened in 2003 and since then has naturalised very well. It has a soft bottom which has some big features. Submerged islands and troughs provide a perfect habitat for a range of natural food sources including mayfly and damsel nymph and buzzer larvae as well as the ubiquitous minnow and tadpole. The pond is fed from a brook that runs through the fishery.

Pond Landscape

The pond averages 12ft in depth and goes to 18ft at its deepest point and as always the secret to success in any water is finding the fish and the depth at which the fish are feeding. The pond is roughly three acres in size and is edged by gravel paths for bank fishing only.

Disabled Access

The fly pond is edged with a gravel path, see photo above which allows wheel chair users access to the pond. Around the pond are seats and a covered shelter. The shop, cafe and toilets also have wheelchair access.

Catch and Release

All legal methods are allowed although boobies are not permitted when fishing catch & release. All flies must be single hooks of standard traditional sizes. A maximum of three flies in a team.

Advice & Tuition

If tuition is required please let us know beforehand so we can arrange this.

The third pond is popular at the weekends and at busier times. It's also used as an events venue for clubs, parties and corporate clients.


The fourth 'Fountain Pond' is coming soon. It's to be a children's pond with bags of smaller fish.

Make your way here for a warm reception and a great day's fishing. Rod hire and tuition are available for both fly and bait.

Our staff can have novices bait fishing within 10 minutes.

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