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Rotmell Loch conditions

FishPal conditions

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This Boat conditions

Rotmell Loch

Notes to Fishing Tenants

1. Subletting: The fishing may not be sub-let or assigned.

2. Liability: The Lessor accepts no liability for loss or damage arising from the fishing taken on the Estate. The Lessee should be covered by personal liability insurance. The Lessee and any guest must supply and wear a life jacket at all times when fishing from a boat and they must ensure the lifejacket complies with British Standards and has been fitted to their weight. The Lessee operates vehicles on estate tracks at their own risk.

3. Permitted Fishing: The fishing will be conducted in a safe and sportsman-like manner and to assist the catch and release policy as described below, fishing with barbless hooks is encouraged. Fly-fishing only is permitted. Spinning, trolling and bait are strictly prohibited. Fishing may only take place during daylight hours or until 10pm whichever is the later. The Lessee will be aware that routine maintenance may take place during the evening and will be tolerant to any such disturbance.

4. Access: The key for the Glack gate padlock may be collected
from The Birnam Village Shop on production of the permit Please ensure these are returned at the end of the day and the gate is securely fastened on your departure. The Lessee and any guest are permitted to gain access to the Loch using a maximum of one motor vehicle suitable for the track conditions. Access is only permitted during the period of daylight hours. The fishing permit must be visibly displayed on the car dashboard at all times when parked on the Estate. The key will also give access to the Loch Dowally fishing hut.

5. Use of Boat: The Lessee uses the boats provided at his own risk and that of his guest. The boats must be operated responsibly and treated with care. All reasonable efforts must be made by the Lessee to prevent loch mud entering the boat via the anchor rope.

6. Catch and Release: All fish over 3lbs weight and all brown trout will be returned apart from any fish reasonably considered by the Lessee to be too badly injured. A maximum of 3 rainbow/blue trout may be taken on any one day. The use of barbless hooks and knotless nets is recommended and all fish intended for release should not, when possible, be removed from the water.

7. Disease: In order to prevent the spread of disease, all fishermen are urged to ensure that tackle is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to arrival.

8. Catch Returns: Please record all catches and any comments on a daily basis in the returns book located in the Loch Dowally fishing hut.

9.The Anchor and Oars and Rowlocks are stored in the boat. Please replace back in the boat after use.

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