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Before 1830, the Loch had four islands; afterwards ithad seven. Today, most of the Loch is no more than six feet deep with the exception of two areas with a depth of approximately 60 feet near Scart and St Serf's islands. Fish here for the world famous brown trout.

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There's fly fishing in Scotland. And there's fly fishing in Scotland for something truly unique. Only Loch Leven has its very own strain of brown trout salmo levenensis. Although this renowned fish has been introduced to waters across the world, it interbreeds freely and its uniqueness is lost. So if you want to catch the genuine article, you have to visit Loch Leven.Latest fishing report

The unique nature of Loch Leven as a brown trout fishery has been recognised for well over a hundred years. Indeed it was back in 1866 that Dr Albert Gunther, a prominent zoologist at the British Museum, first gave the Loch's trout its own classification. Salmo levenensis Salmo levenensis is a fast- growing fish with a bright,silvery colouring and a pink flesh similar to a sea trout. But with its graceful form and sporting qualities, it is easily distinguished from any trout caught elsewhere. Many anglers consider it to be the perfect trout.

Over the years, it has been used to stock rivers, lakes and lochs not only in other parts of the UK but across the world, from New Zealand to the Americas. (The first documented introduction to North America appears to have been made in Newfoundland as long ago as 1884.) However, wherever the Loch Leven brown trout is introduced, it interbreeds freely with any other brown trout in the water and its distinguishing characteristics rapidly disappear. Even where there are no other species of brown trout present, the same transformation occurs. In other words, this is a fish that is uniquely adapted to its home environment - making Loch Leven the only place in the world to find the real thing! All fishing on the Loch, which must be done by fly from a boat, is under the management of Loch Leven Fisheries which operates from the Angling Centre at Kinross Pier, less than a 2 minute drive from the hotels. Our very own resident Ghillie, Willie 'the Ghillie' Wilson, will be happy to set you off fishing on the beautiful Loch with some tips and will advise as to where to get the best catch on your fishing trip. The Centre has good changing facilities, a large weighing- in shed and a lounge as well as plenty of car parking. And it's from here that you can hire one of our traditional, 18-foot, oak and larch clinker boats, complete with outboard motor, at very competitive rates. You can also hire tackle and the services of an experienced ghillie for the day

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