Your catch photos - Page 3

34 inch bar of silver Lower Kinnaird for Andy McInnes 17th May.

23lbr on the fly at islamouth end of April 2016 in donats from the boat with Billy Campbell .

Mike Cuthbert Islamouth 11 May .

Ian Griffin at Bolfracks 3 May.

Nice 10lbr caught from Dalmarnock 13 May.

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Lower Kinnaird May 17th.

A lovely springer caught from the Kercock Beat on 17th May by Sandy Datta from SSFS.

Matt Gidden at Bolfracks 3 May .

Sea liced 10lbr caught by Mr Richard Kew Meikleour 12 may.

Malcolm Capper Loch Tay 24lbr 12 April.

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