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Last week

(Last updated: Monday 19th October)

The autumn salmon fishing season on the Tay in Perthshire has finally ended with settled water levels recently due to better weather and a bit of water over the last couple of weeks which gave us by and large settled river conditions and catches have been reasonable. Heavy rain and a small spate last week saw an improvement in catches and a bit more water in the river, which helped sport for the last 4 days. We have had an excellent late spring period with the river equaling last years catches so far and improving on the 5 year average. The current trend continued in June but slowed up for a few weeks but now there has been reasonable catches week on week as we see the autumn fishing end in settled conditions. The autumn period needs consistent rain to keep levels up and keep fish running however that did not happen from September and catches were suppressed.

Summer and autumn salmon were landed last week in good numbers due to excellent conditions and some good weather after a mini spate the pervious week. We recorded another reasonable catch despite difficult conditions in settled autumnal conditions. There was some outstanding autumn sunshine and it was warm making life hard going. Fish were landed daily from all over as river levels fell steadily and the quality of the salmon caught remained outstanding with fish caught in the late teens and mid twenties. Grilse are still running in numbers with more caught and in excellent condition, which is strange for the time of year, but could this be more evidence of the run changing slowly to spring dominance in the future? There is all ready great expectation for the coming spring in 2016.

The Lower Tay continued to have good catches in the last few days. Almondmouth had a quieter time with 10 fish proving the fish were not running in numbers maybe due to the low water levels. It was quiet on the Stormont Angling Club water as well. Lower Redgorton and Waulkmill had a very good end with nearly 40 fish between them. Upper Redgorton and Fishponds also did reasonably well with 15. On Upper Redgorton the Dunnet party had some sport with Bill and Sandra Robbins catching and Bob Morrison caught a good fish on a Copper Kynoch from the boat. On Luncarty Tim Greenfields party enjoyed success on the last day with Terry Lynch and Kenny Scott both landing 7 pounds late run silver fish. Upper Scone also had reasonable sport with Gary Perks catching on spinner and fly. Jonathan Sturt caught a sea liced 6 pounds fish from the Little shot on Benchil with Stanley Fishings. Taymount and Stobhall faired well in the last few days with 27 between them. The lower water over the last few weeks have boosted catches on Ballathie and Cargill. On Cargill Ian Jardine, Steve Curnow and Neil French enjoyed sport on fly and spinner. The Muir Homes party also enjoyed success on the beat. Islamouth had reasonable sport over the last few days completing another good season for the beat with the majority of their fish caught on fly. Upper Islamouth and Meikleour had reasonable sport over the last few days with fish on all the final days. Malcolm Anderson, Neil Thomas and Ian Bissett all caught landing fish up to 21 pounds with a few others lost.

The Middle river was also producing sport despite the low water conditions. Kercock had a great end of the season with 27 fish landed in the last four days taking their season tally to 249. Good fish were landed including a 24 pounds monster for Sandy Datta with Darren Kaye and Ken Mackie also having success. The Murthly and Glendelvine beats had fish as well with a 29 pounds fish reported from Murthly 2 and 5 were caught on Glendelvine on Wednesday. Newtyle signed off well taking their season count over 250. Angus Jordan, Neil Scrimgeour, John Stamp, Rodger Worth and Farquhar Murray all caught good fish up to 15 pounds on fly and spinner. Dunkeld House also signed off on a high with 5 on the last day. David Ritchie caught a cracking fresh 13 pounds fish proving fish were still running the river. Jimmy Lapsley, Robert Harvey, Mark Cockburn and Gordon Pollock landed fish up to 18 pounds gained further success. Dalmarnock had a reasonable final flurry with 9 fish. Dalguise and the Kinnaird beats had odd fish as well.

The Tummel is continuing to produce odd fish as fish make their way up to Pitlochry dam and through it with the counter is now showing over 5500. Dave Wilson caught a fish at Ruan Ruarie and reported seeing several others, which is encouraging for the future. 2 were also reported from Loch Faskally.

The Upper areas are seeing fish on their beats. Eleven salmon were reported from the Farleyer and Findynate beats as they run up to Loch Tay.

On Loch Tay fish are running and must be staring to go up the Dochart but nothing was reported last week.

The Isla is seeing salmon run and caught however no fish were registered.

The Ericht is also seeing fish run but need bigger water now with 4 reported.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 21st November)
SALMON & GRILSE: None reported
SEA TROUT: None reported
TROUT: None reported

Salmon fishing on the River Tay, Perthshire, Scotland
Taymounts first of the season and a fish to remember for Chris Davidson. The 22lb belter was hooked on a harled vision in the Linn pool

Murrayshall House

Season so far

The Earn were also seeing salmon and Sea Trout run with 1 fish recorded this week from Lower Aberuthven. Sport has picked up at the bottom of the river as well with some good fresh fish landed.

The Salmon fishing season has now ended and expectation remained high throughout the year. Late spring catches were tremendous and June continued to encourage everyone after fish were caught in the system in continuing better numbers. Recent rain and some fresh water encouraged more salmon to run the river and catches were reasonable for the autumn. A few more spates were required but you cannot have it perfect all the time! Attentions now start to focus on the spring of 2016.

If you have any news or pictures of catches or experiences on the Tay and you would like to share them please email me on to be included in the reports.

Catches reported to us were:

SALMON & GRILSE: Stanley Pitlochrie Benchil 1, Catholes Stanley 3, Upper Scone 2, Stobhall 7, Taymount 8, Ballathie 1, Meikleour and Upper Islamouth 2, Newtyle 1, Dunkeld House 4, Dalmarnock 2, Lower Kinnaird 1, Upper Kinnaird 1, Coupar Grange 1. Total: 34
SEA TROUT: Upper Redgorton 3, Catholes Campsie 1, Stobhall 1, Taymount 2, Dunkeld House 2, Upper Kinnaird 2. Total: 11

SALMON & GRILSE: Almondmouth 1, Lower Redgorton 2, Upper Redgorton 1, Stanley Pitlochrie Benchil 2, Catholes Stanley 6, Upper Scone 3, Catholes Campsie 4, Burnmouth 10, Stobhall 9, Taymount 8, Ballathie 2, Cargill 1, Islamouth 7, Meikleour and Upper Islamouth 3, Glendelvine 1, Murthly 2 3, Newtyle 1, Dunkeld House 5, Dalmarnock 1, Lower Kinnaird 2, Upper Kinnaird 4, Farleyer Upper 1, Loch Tay Fish n' Trips 12. Total: 89
SEA TROUT: Waulkmill 2, Upper Redgorton 2, Catholes Stanley 1, Upper Scone 1, Burnmouth 13, Taymount 1, Upper Kinnaird 1. Total: 21

SALMON & GRILSE: Lower Redgorton 3, Upper Redgorton 2, Stanley Pitlochrie Benchil 15, Catholes Stanley 9, Upper Scone 20, Catholes Campsie 5, Burnmouth 21, Stobhall 17, Taymount 37, Ballathie 6, Cargill 9, Islamouth 21, Meikleour and Upper Islamouth 13, Kercock 3, Murthly 1 5, Glendelvine 5, Murthly 2 11, Newtyle 7, Dunkeld House 22, Dalmarnock 3, Dalguise 1, Lower Kinnaird 2, Upper Kinnaird 9, Edradynate 8, Findynate 2, Farleyer Upper 2, Farleyer Lower 1, Loch Tay Fish n' Trips 13, Coupar Grange 15, Ericht Fishing 3, Portnacraig Pitlochry 15. Total: 305
SEA TROUT: Waulkmill 1, Upper Redgorton 1, Burnmouth 2, Dunkeld House 1, Lower Kinnaird 1, Coupar Grange 1. Total: 7

SALMON & GRILSE: Waulkmill 2, Lower Redgorton 2, Upper Redgorton 3, Fishponds 2, Stanley Pitlochrie Benchil 9, Catholes Stanley 6, Upper Scone 5, Catholes Campsie 7, Stobhall 22, Taymount 28, Ballathie 12, Cargill 20, Islamouth 61, Meikleour and Upper Islamouth 22, Kercock 12, Murthly 1 21, Glendelvine 17, Murthly 2 31, Newtyle 32, Dunkeld House 35, Dalmarnock 15, Dalguise 7, Lower Kinnaird 9, Upper Kinnaird 11, Findynate 8, Farleyer Upper 6, Farleyer Lower 4, Loch Tay Fish n' Trips 13, Lochlane and Laggan 1, Coupar Grange 16, Ericht Fishing 4, Portnacraig Pitlochry 37, Loch Faskally 3. Total: 483
SEA TROUT: Waulkmill 2, Lower Redgorton 3, Upper Redgorton 4, Fishponds 1, Stanley Pitlochrie Benchil 4, Upper Scone 1, Ballathie 1, Cargill 1, Lower Kinnaird 1, Upper Aberuthven 1, Coupar Grange 2. Total: 21

SALMON & GRILSE: Almondmouth 2, Waulkmill 1, Upper Redgorton 6, Fishponds 2, Stanley Pitlochrie Benchil 3, Stobhall 22, Taymount 14, Ballathie 14, Cargill 22, Islamouth 68, Meikleour and Upper Islamouth 37, Kercock 16, Murthly 1 50, Glendelvine 19, Murthly 2 70, Newtyle 43, Dunkeld House 76, Dalmarnock 23, Dalguise 9, Lower Kinnaird 13, Upper Kinnaird 7, Findynate 12, Farleyer Upper 19, Farleyer Lower 4, Loch Tay Fish n' Trips 7, Lochlane and Laggan 3, Coupar Grange 35, Ericht Fishing 18, Portnacraig Pitlochry 40, Loch Faskally 34, Ruan Ruarie 5. Total: 694
SEA TROUT: Waulkmill 9, Lower Redgorton 20, Luncarty 7, Upper Redgorton 7, Stanley Pitlochrie Benchil 6, Catholes Stanley 4, Catholes Campsie 2, Stobhall 9, Taymount 2, Cargill 5, Meikleour and Upper Islamouth 4, Murthly 1 1, Murthly 2 1, Dunkeld House 4, Lower Kinnaird 3, Upper Aberuthven 3, Lower Aberuthven 1, Lochlane and Laggan 5, Coupar Grange 6. Total: 99

SALMON & GRILSE: Almondmouth 9, Lower Redgorton 3, Luncarty 1, Stanley Pitlochrie Benchil 4, Upper Scone 3, Stobhall 17, Taymount 25, Ballathie 12, Cargill 26, Islamouth 62, Meikleour and Upper Islamouth 26, Kercock 22, Murthly 1 41, Glendelvine 33, Murthly 2 76, Newtyle 55, Dunkeld House 53, Dalmarnock 25, Dalguise 3, Lower Kinnaird 10, Upper Kinnaird 7, Findynate 6, Farleyer Upper 14, Farleyer Lower 8, Keithick Mains 2, Coupar Grange 4, Ericht Fishing 6, Portnacraig Pitlochry 49, Loch Faskally 29, Ruan Ruarie 6. Total: 637
SEA TROUT: Waulkmill 2, Lower Redgorton 6, Luncarty 1, Upper Redgorton 6, Stanley Pitlochrie Benchil 5, Upper Scone 4, Stobhall 2, Taymount 7, Cargill 3, Meikleour and Upper Islamouth 2, Murthly 2 2, Newtyle 1, Upper Aberuthven 2, Lochlane and Laggan 5. Total: 48

SALMON & GRILSE: Almondmouth 28, Waulkmill 4, Lower Redgorton 8, Upper Redgorton 3, Fishponds 1, Stanley Pitlochrie Benchil 14, Upper Scone 6, Stobhall 15, Taymount 32, Ballathie 17, Cargill 19, Islamouth 42, Meikleour and Upper Islamouth 20, Kercock 44, Murthly 1 24, Glendelvine 9, Murthly 2 33, Newtyle 25, Dunkeld House 31, Dalmarnock 4, Dalguise 1, Lower Kinnaird 16, Upper Kinnaird 4, Findynate 2, Farleyer Upper 6, Farleyer Lower 9, Ericht Fishing 18, Portnacraig Pitlochry 7, Loch Faskally 7, Ruan Ruarie 2. Total: 451
SEA TROUT: Waulkmill 2, Lower Redgorton 12, Upper Redgorton 3, Fishponds 1, Stanley Pitlochrie Benchil 2, Upper Scone 1, Stobhall 3, Taymount 3, Ballathie 2, Cargill 3, Murthly 2 1, Newtyle 5, Lower Kinnaird 1, Lochlane and Laggan 7, Portnacraig Pitlochry 2. Total: 48

SALMON & GRILSE: Almondmouth 93, Waulkmill 24, Lower Redgorton 36, Luncarty 13, Upper Redgorton 15, Fishponds 22, Stanley Pitlochrie Benchil 33, Upper Scone 22, Stobhall 58, Taymount 68, Ballathie 12, Cargill 39, Islamouth 79, Meikleour and Upper Islamouth 24, Kercock 47, Murthly 1 24, Glendelvine 26, Murthly 2 47, Newtyle 38, Dunkeld House 18, Dalmarnock 12, Dalguise 5, Lower Kinnaird 19, Upper Kinnaird 9, Findynate 3, Farleyer Upper 9, Farleyer Lower 10, Lower Aberuthven 2, Lochlane and Laggan 1, Ericht Fishing 45, Portnacraig Pitlochry 16, Loch Faskally 8. Total: 877
SEA TROUT: Waulkmill 3, Lower Redgorton 6, Luncarty 3, Upper Redgorton 4, Fishponds 1, Upper Scone 2, Stobhall 6, Taymount 3, Ballathie 2, Glendelvine 1, Murthly 2 3, Newtyle 5, Dunkeld House 4, Lower Kinnaird 1, Farleyer Lower 1, Lower Aberuthven 3, Lochlane and Laggan 1. Total: 49

SALMON & GRILSE: Almondmouth 157, Waulkmill 62, Lower Redgorton 95, Luncarty 19, Upper Redgorton 38, Fishponds 28, Stanley Pitlochrie Benchil 40, Upper Scone 33, Stobhall 55, Taymount 97, Ballathie 39, Cargill 50, Islamouth 47, Meikleour and Upper Islamouth 17, Kercock 61, Baldarroch 3, Murthly 1 28, Glendelvine 30, Murthly 2 36, Newtyle 34, Dunkeld House 13, Dalmarnock 22, Dalguise 13, Lower Kinnaird 17, Upper Kinnaird 4, Findynate 5, Farleyer Upper 8, Farleyer Lower 12, Lower Aberuthven 2, Lochlane and Laggan 8, Ericht Fishing 12, Portnacraig Pitlochry 1, Loch Faskally 3, Ruan Ruarie 4. Total: 1093
SEA TROUT: Waulkmill 3, Lower Redgorton 6, Upper Redgorton 2, Fishponds 1, Upper Scone 2, Stobhall 1, Taymount 6, Meikleour and Upper Islamouth 1, Glendelvine 1, Murthly 2 1, Newtyle 2, Dunkeld House 2, Lower Kinnaird 1, Lochlane and Laggan 3. Total: 32

Recent catches

Salmon fishing on the River Tay, Perthshire, Scotland
R.Haynes's 12lb Springer on the fly from Dalguise, 07 April.