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Murthly Fishings; Top, Stenton and Lower Beats Letting Conditions

The principal rod, to whom these letting conditions are originally sent, is responsible for distributing copies of them to all other rods within the party for the week(s)/day(s) concerned. Further copies can be obtained from the Estate Factors. No persons other than nominated rods may fish during the let unless with the prior consent of the Estate Factors. All rods must register at the fishing hut before fishing commences.

Manner of Fishing
1. All rods shall fish in a responsible and sportsmanlike manner. The use of natural bait is forbidden at all times.
2. The instructions of the ghillie shall be adhered to at all times, and boats may not be used for fishing by guests without the supervision of a ghillie. No interchanging of rods during the day is permitted.
3. All foul-hooked fish shall be returned to the river unharmed if possible.
4. Salmon and sea trout parr, gravid fish and kelts should be returned to the river.
5. Catch and release; Rods are requested to adhere to the Regulations as stipulated by the District Fishery Board.
6. No shooting of any kind is permitted.
7. Any dog brought by a member must be kept under strict control and must not cause annoyance or interference to other fishermen.
8. A maximum of 2 rods are permitted to fish from a boat at any time in both beats.
9. The fishing huts will be used only as a shelter and for lunch.
10. Cars must be parked in such a way as to avoid obstruction to others.
11. Rods shall respect at all times the property of others. Murthly Fishings - Letting Conditions
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12. The country code shall be observed at all times and no fires shall be lit and no litter shall be left in or around the fishing huts or on the river banks.
13. Any rod who causes damage or becomes aware of damage, however caused, to any of the property will inform the boatmen immediately and thereafter the Factor as soon as possible.
14. Any rod observing any disturbances or foul play on the part of other rods shall report the same immediately to the boatmen, who shall be entitled to ask any rod to withdraw from the river in the event of any breach of the rules or Bye Laws. Any rod may also report any such infringement to the Factor.
15. Traditionally fishing has commenced at 9.30 am and finished at 5.00 pm. From 1 May to 31 August in each year fishing is also permitted from 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm.
Payment of Rent Etc
16. Paid through Fishtay Website.Safety
17. All rods and any other visitors to the fishings shall attend a safety briefing by the ghillie as soon as possible after their arrival at the beat, and shall sign the register to confirm they have received that briefing before any fishing takes place or before visitors leave the vicinity of the fishing hut.
18. Ghillies are obliged to wear flotation jackets whilst wading or in a boat. It is also recommended that they wear protective eye glasses and a cap when fishing. Rods are strongly advised in the interests of their own safety to take the same precautions, and to use wading sticks when appropriate. Furthermore, no rod may use a boat unless wearing a flotation aid. Rods should familiarise themselves with the plan of the river in the fishing hut, and with the safety diagrams on action to deal with water-logged waders etc. shown in the fishing hut. Flotation Aids are available from the ghillie, and rods are strongly encouraged to use them.
19. Rods may only fish after 5 p.m. with the agreement of the ghillie. Rods are strongly advised to make arrangements to remain in contact with each other and to summon help if necessary. Murthly Fishings - Letting Conditions
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20. Fishing under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants can of course be dangerous and rods are strongly recommended to bear this in mind If the ghillie believes that any rod is so intoxicated as not to be able to fish safely without risk to themselves, he may require the rod to stop fishing or to fish only from such places as the ghillie may specify.
21. The ghillies carry mobile phones and full details of emergency arrangements, including contact details, are displayed in the fishing huts.
General Matters
22. Canoeing; While every effort is made to regulate canoeing on the river, this let is subject to any arrangements which have been made with the recognised canoeing organisations.
23. Every effort has been made for security of rods' equipment whilst on Murthly Beats. However, no liability can be accepted by the Fishings for any damage howsoever caused. Rods are advised to insure their equipment appropriately.
24. The Principal rod is responsible for locking huts and gates as necessary after 5pm. Keys will be provided to the Principal rod at the start of the let.
25. Any problems or difficulties arising out of the let of the fishings whether of the ghillies, the river bank or otherwise should be addressed immediately to the Estate Factors, Bidwells, 5 Atholl Place, Perth, PH1 5NE, telephone 01738 630666.

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Tay conditions

1. To help prevent an outbreak of Gyrodactylus Salaris which has had catastrophic effects on some foreign rivers, all rods fishing must complete a Gyrodactylus declaration on arrival at the fishery. This states that either you have not used your fishing tackle abroad in the last three months, or you have done so and had it properly sterilised, or you have done so and NOT had it sterilised. In the latter case, you must agree to sterilisation taking place before you start fishing, and accept that there may be some delay in getting this organised. A copy of the declaration form can be seen here: this page

2. The season is from 15th January to 15th October inclusive on the Tay and all tributaries, except the Earn and Eden which are 1st February to 31st October.

3. There is no fishing allowed on Sundays.

4. It is illegal to intentionally foulhook fish.

5. No prawns or shrimps can be used at any time.

6. The Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board who are responsible for the management of the fisheries, requests all anglers to abide by a code for the conservation of salmon, especially spring salmon which have become much scarcer in recent years. Anglers are urged to adopt a catch-and-release culture and never to kill any fish which they do not require.

From the start of the Season to 31st May

All fish are to be released.
Anglers should not fish with worms.

From 1st June to 15th October:
All fish should be released.

Anglers should not fish with worms in September or October.

Sea trout:

All sea trout should be released throughout the entire season.

Further details and the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board's conservation recommendations can be viewed at: this page.