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Last updated: Saturday 7th April

Week Ending Saturday 7th April 2018

Some cold days again, but signs of the weather improving!

The cold winter continued with rain, sleet and snow on the Monday. Tuesday was slightly better and we had a wee 6lb'er from the House Pool spinning and an 10lb'er from the Castle Pool on the fly. A much nicer day of weather on Thursday and we had an 11lb'er from the bank at the Tunnel Hole. Friday was frustrating with good water conditions, but little evidence of fish but the day turned around at 4pm when father and son team, Simon and Will landed a wee 7lb'er from the Rushes. A memorable moment for the rods and ghillie :-) Overnight on Friday going into Saturday there was a lot of snowmelt and the river rose steadily all day, not enough to spoil conditions though and Mr Andy Tuten caught his first fish which just happened to be a 25lbs sea-liced fish from the Castle Pool. AN epic fight and a fish to remember for a long time.

The week ahead is shaping up to be a good one, with hopefully settled water conditions and eager rods.

If you are a first time visitor to the river please pay close attention to the next section...

For the visiting angler, the River Tay can be a daunting experience but we are always on hand to help you throughout the day. You will probably want to bring both a spinning rod and a fly rod to give yourself the best chance of sport. Spinning reels should be loaded with 30lbs braid or 18lbs nylon at this time of year. A good choice of lures will be Toby Salmo and some 110 lures. If this sounds like a foreign language please don't hesitate to phone - we are here to help! For the fly angler you will want to come equipped with a variety of fly lines as well as polyleaders as well. The Triple D lines are always popular in the F/H/I If this doesn't mean much to you please don't hesitate to phone for advice. We want to do our best to make sure you have a great days fishing and coming equipped for the conditions will give you the best possible chance of sport.

We offer boat and bank fishing at Meikleour. For the first time visitor it might be an idea to take a boat as you will be accompanied by a ghillie throughout your day who will try their hardest to give you the best chance of a fish and help to keep your spirits up during the day :-) If you prefer bank fishing, you will always be greeted personally by a ghillie on your arrival who will give you help as to the most appropriate tackle/flies/lures and they will suggest where you should fish to give you the best chance.

The stove is always on and the kettle is boiling.......

You can find more details about the beat on this site or on

In the meantime if you have any queries about fishing at Meikleour please don't hesitate to contact me on 07870 979 710.

All the very best, Calum

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