Meikleour Lower Isla


Blairgowrie, Perth, Meiklour, Coupar


Meikleour Lower Isla Fishing extends over 3 miles, ending at the Isla bridge just above Islamouth. Most of the fishing is concentrated within 1 mile, from the Lunan mouth to below the Coupar Burn. The beat is accessible through a recently upgraded
farm track just off the A984 (se map). There is parking available by the river but please note that there are currently no facilities, although the Meikleour Arms in the village is only a short drive away.


Fish will start running in February throughout the end of the season with prime catches in April and May. Summer can be blessed with a grilse run and even in low water conditions the Swan pool will do well. The Lunan, which is electrofished by the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board's biologists every September, is prime lowland salmon spawning habitat and many fish will gather at its mouth from August onwards. The fauna is rich and diverse – ospreys, kingfishers, whooper and mute swans, Mandarin ducks, otters, and sowing of wildlife mixtures and winter cover by Meikleour farm has improved insect life considerably.

The beat was let to a syndicate until 2013 and from 2014 permits were sold by the estate office. Catches that were reported to us are following:
2010: 23 salmon
2011: 17 salmon
2012: 20 salmon
2013: 20 salmon
2014: 4 salmon
2015: 11 salmon
2016: 1 salmon

In 2017 the beat will be limited to 4 rods per day.

Prices for 2017 for 1 specific day rod for the entire season (16th of January to 15th of October).

£250 + VAT for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (1 day for the season)

£350 + VAT for all the Saturdays of the season.

A passport photo will need to be sent to the estate office in order to issue your season ticket.

There is no dedicated ghillie but ghillie service can be provided at extra cost.

The beat adheres strictly to the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board's recommendations.

Main pools description (see map):

Lunan Burn Mouth: Starting at the burn mouth with an easy wade on gravel. It's a short cast with the fly and fish will often be very close so stealth is the order of the day.

The Swan Pool: Named after the majestic birds gathering there in winter. This deep pool below the Lunan Burn will in times of low water hold a lot of fish. Two sets of steps lead into the water to let you cover this productive pool. Best fished with a spinner.

The Island: Immediately below the Swan Pool, not a deep pool, but summer fish in particular love sitting in the fast, streamy water. Fish the obvious run leading in to the pool.

Couper Burn Stream: Arguably some of the best fly pools on the River Isla. Sitting immediately below the junction of the Couper Burn, this deep fast pool will hold a lot of fish throughout its long length. Fly or spinner will fish well, but you'll love to swing your fly through this classic pool.

Hallhole Stream: Immediately below Coupar Burn, another part of fast water that has never been fished before. We look forward to hear your report on this exciting part of the river!

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