Lochlane and Laggan conditions

FishPal conditions

Bookings made through FishPal's help desk or on line booking system are subject to FishPal's standard conditions. If you haven't already read these, you can see them here

Fishery conditions

Fishers are requested to sign in at the start of their fishing day / period, and in doing so acknowledge the Health & Safety considerations of the fishery. The book for so doing will be kept in the Middle Hut.

The use of flotation devices, wading sticks, and the wearing of spectacles, are advised and strongly encouraged.

Catch Returns: Owners are requested to record their Catches, (at the end of Each Day), in the Record Book provided at the Middle Hut.

No Kill Policy:
Owners should comply with the Scottish Government "No Kill' policy.
All salmon within the statutory ‘No Kill' period should be returned, injured or not. This is currently the period from Opening until April 1st. Thereafter Owners are encouraged to follow the Tay Board Guidance on the taking of fish. We strongly encourage the return of all Salmon.

Speed Limits & Use of vehicles:
Fishers are reminded that a 5 mph speed limit exists on the Lady Mary's Walk Beat and that a maximum of 3 cars are permitted there. There are designated parking areas at the end, and middle of the track. Please do no park on the track itself.
Ghillie Service:
There is no Lochlane & Laggan operated Ghillie Service.
Fishers are entitled to make their own arrangement if they would like to use a ghillie, but consideration has to be given by the Fisher to ensure that any such service has the correct insurance cover. Fishers are totally responsible for any of their ghillies they invite onto the river. Lochlane & Laggan Fishing's, and Lochlane and Laggan Ltd will have no responsibility for the actions of the fishers ghillie or their associated service.

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Tay conditions

1. To help prevent an outbreak of Gyrodactylus Salaris which has had catastrophic effects on some foreign rivers, all rods fishing must complete a Gyrodactylus declaration on arrival at the fishery. This states that either you have not used your fishing tackle abroad in the last three months, or you have done so and had it properly sterilised, or you have done so and NOT had it sterilised. In the latter case, you must agree to sterilisation taking place before you start fishing, and accept that there may be some delay in getting this organised. A copy of the declaration form can be seen here: this page

2. The season is from 15th January to 15th October inclusive on the Tay and all tributaries, except the Earn and Eden which are 1st February to 31st October.

3. There is no fishing allowed on Sundays.

4. It is illegal to intentionally foulhook fish.

5. No prawns or shrimps can be used at any time.

6. The Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board who are responsible for the management of the fisheries, requests all anglers to abide by a code for the conservation of salmon, especially spring salmon which have become much scarcer in recent years. Anglers are urged to adopt a catch-and-release culture and never to kill any fish which they do not require.

From the start of the Season to 31st May

All fish are to be released.
Anglers should not fish with worms.

From 1st June to 15th October:
All fish should be released.

Anglers should not fish with worms in September or October.

Sea trout:

All sea trout should be released throughout the entire season.

Further details and the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board's conservation recommendations can be viewed at: this page.

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