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(Last updated: Tuesday 16th October)

Well its been a wee while since the river closed its doors to the Angling fraternity and time to digest
the season, and it has not been good. This is not only reflected on the Spey but for many other rivers as well.

The start of the season started with the usual snow on the ground and good numbers of kelts being caught in the early
few weeks. The spring was hit with very cold easterly winds and they stayed until the end of April, where the river and
area was then hit pretty much with an almost non stop heatwave/lack of rain until mid September.

The early spring fishing did not produce much in the way of results compared to recent years, mainly due to the awful weather and strong winds, mid April weeks proved the best for Orton and Delfur beats with some very good solid spring salmon, and river gave
someglimpses of spring fish for most beats in early May, but this was short lived and by the end of the month the river was running
as low as some of the summers in the early 1970's.

The river remained very hard work during the summer and into September, where the catches were poor, the fishing for some parties
was only at night and the only highlight was the last week of the season, where with water bought a lot of fish into the main river and moved other fish on.

For many rivers in Scotland, Norway, Sweden and also Russia all experienced strange and poor seasons, lets hope that this
was a one off.

The hatchery at Sandbank, will see production there increase to 1,000,000 salmon eggs, which is double the number that have been produced over the last year, and hopefully this will produce more smolts in time.

I would like thank Malcolm for all his weekly reports, it is not an easy task getting all the info from the ghillies to write a weekly report. Thank you, and please support Malcolm with any fishing news you might have.

Have a good autumn, a great Christmas and fingers crossed that the Spey provides you with some silvery magic next season.
Thank you for booking and using Fishspey this season.

All the best from the team at Fishpal.

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(week ending 8th December)
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