Gordon Brae


Lower Spey, Fochabers


The eight Gordon Castle and Brae Water beats run for eight miles downstream from Orton to the old railway bridge at Spey Bay. This lower part of the River Spey flows through beautiful countryside and is a designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

The beats are double bank and each beat has a ghillie, boats, nets and a fishing hut. Most huts have a woodburning stove, gas cooker and toilet.

The Brae Water beats three to five rotate daily whilst the lower three beats rotate only later on in the Season.

Fishing is with fly only, and a largely catch and release policy for salmon and sea trout is in force.


The Gordon Castle Fishing starts below Orton, approximately 5 miles above the road bridge at Fochabers and ends just a couple of miles from the sea.

Some Anglers comments for the 2014 season.

Saturday 11th May was on Beat 3 with Ian Tennant looking after me. Ian is a real confidence booster and one of the best Ghillies I've ever fished with (not taking anything away from the other men who are all so passionate about their beats). I would love to come back next seasson. The Ghillies are a credit to the estate.
Lee Beverland (testimonial from www.speyonline.com) (11th May, 2013)

This extract was taken from this publication: Below I have added an extract from the Atlantic Salmon Atlas compiled by Roy Arris of Silver Run Publishing. A wonderful and particularly accurate piece of material which will most certainly be a worthwhile read for anyone wishing to fish on the Spey.
This is fantastic fishing on an extremely well run estate. As expected, occupying such a long stretch of the river, there is a great variety of fishing to be found here and all of it is wonderful. (The Spey Ghillie)

I was thinking then how lucky I was to be here, in this place, a jewel of the river in a beautiful pool, that just had fish written all over it By Steward Collingswood Orvis Endorsed Guide, founder and MD of Alba Game Fishing
The Brae Water Beats on the lower Spey contain some of the most wonderful fishing to be found anywhere. The 8 miles of double banked fishing, divided into 8 beats, is a fly fishers delight and a pleasure to return to each year. From the wide variety of pools, where each cast seems to heighten expectations of a pull: the team of expert and companionable ghillies: through to the very comfortable accommodation in the grounds of the Castle, it has it all. Our group looks forward eagerly to the next year's visit as soon as the last one ends. So thank you to everyone involved at Gordon Castle Estate for providing such a wonderful experience and roll on next year. The Braewater Guddlers.

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