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FishPal conditions

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Fishery conditions

No fishing before 9am and also no fishing until you have met or spoken to the gillie

Fishing is principally fly only using barbless hooks, however, spinning is allowed when the river level is above 1ft on the guage.

In certain circumstances spinning will be allowed below 1ft but this is at the discretion of the gillies and is conditional on all fish being returned.

The fishery is conservation minded and the rules follow closely those of the Spey District Fishery Board with the exception that fishers will be given the choice either to take their 1st fish and return all others, or, to return 1st, 3rd, 5th fish etc.

Please note that the sharing of rods is not encouraged however when allowed the above rule applies to the rod and not the individual fishers. A full set of rules can be obtained by e-mailing.

Whilst Craigellachie recommends the wearing and use of life vests, this fishery does not supply life vests for the use of anglers.

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Spey conditions

The Salmon and Seatrout season starts on the 11 February and finishes on the 30 September that year.

Scottish legislation requires that all salmon caught before the 1st April must be released. In order to protect the integrity of the Spey stock and to maximise their spawning poten al, the Spey Fishery Board's policy is that all fish caught up to and including the 31st May should be released alive. From the 1st June the policy set out below will apply.

The Board considers the Conservation of Fish entering the river before the end of May to be of the utmost importance.

The Board urges all anglers to release these fish if at all possible. Most of the larger fish arrive in the river in the early months and these are the fish which have the potential to make the most significant contribution to successful spawning and are likely to be the fish which spawn in the upper reaches of the catchment. The Board will continue to monitor the success of the Conservation Policy and further consideration may be given to a recommendation for total Catch & Release in these months in the absence of signs of further restraint.
Each angler must return the 1st, 3rd, 5th etc... male fish caught
All hen salmon and hen grilse must be released
Throughout the season all stale or unseasonable fish must be released e.g. gravid, kelts.
Escaped farmed salmon must be retained.

Release all finnock of 16oz / 35cm / 14" or less
Release all Sea Trout of 3lb / 50cm / 20" or above
Retain only 1 Sea Trout of takeable size per calendar day. Anglers are also encouraged to release their first fish and keep the second that is of takeable size
Release all stale or coloured fish
Release all unseasonable fish (smolts, kelts, over-wintered finnock)

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