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FishPal conditions

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Fishery conditions

The Spey District Fiisheries Board rules will apply. Fishing with prawn, shrimp live bait and the use of a gaff is prohibited. There is no fishing or testing of rods and lines on a Sunday.
Fly fishing only except when a combination of water height, colour and temperature dictate otherwise. Any decision to spin will be at the sole discretion of the Head Ghillie.
Fishing for Brown Trout is fly only. All Finnoch must be returned. Fishers must not take or kill any juvenile Salmon or unclean fish (Kelt) or any fish under 8 inches in length. All salmon caught bearing a tag indicating that the fish has been previously caught and released must be returned to the river. Although fishers may retain seasonable fish in accordance with the Spey Fishery Board Salmon Conservation {policy 2003, the estate encourages conservation of salmon stocks and the Estate Conservation Policy outlines our recommendations for the release of fish and the provision of rewards.
Drivers must follow designated car tracks. A speed limit of 15 mph must be observed at all times on all access roads on or to the fishings. All gates found closed must be left closed. Parked cars must not obstruct roads, tracks or gateways. All caravans, camping, lighting of fires and depositing of litter (including discarded fishing tackle) is strictly prohibited on any Estate land.
Fishing huts must be locked up and boats berthed and securely chained at the end of each days fishing.
The ghillie on the beat is to be the sole judge as to the use of boats.
All Strathspey rods will be required to wear approved flotation harnesses or jackets whilst fishing. Any rod refusing to wear approved safety equipment will be prevented from fishing. Flotation harnesses are available from the Estate and must be signed for at the beginning and end of the let. Any items lost must be paid for. On arrival guests will be expected to listen to a short Health and Safety talk given by your beat ghillie.
A day's fishing shall be from 9.00-5.30pm. The ghillie will set a rota on the Monday so rods can alternate the pools accordingly.
All catches including weights, lures and locations must be properly reported to the ghillie at the end of the day's fishing.
Strathspey Estate will not accept responsibility for the loss of any fishing tackle or belongings left in the fishing hut or on the riverbank, nor for any accidents to persons, personal transport or vehicles when fishing on the river or using Estate tracks. Fishers are responsible for any damage caused by them to equipment, fences, huts, livestock, etc.
Dogs must be kept under control on the beat. Fishers must not interfere with game or livestock on adjoining lands.
Ghillies will accompany fishers on the water from 9.00am to 5.00pm or for any similar period within reason by mutual arrangement between tenant and ghillie. If there is no fishing during the day due to bright hot and sunny conditions the ghillie by mutual agreement will return in the evening. The ghillie should be informed beforehand of any unaccompanied night fishing.
Any fishers infringing any of the foregoing rules and regulations may forfeit their permission to fish, together with all privileges carried by it.

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Spey conditions

The Salmon and Seatrout season starts on the 11 February and finishes on the 30 September that year.

Scottish legislation requires that all salmon caught before the 1st April must be released. In order to protect the integrity of the Spey stock and to maximise their spawning poten al, the Spey Fishery Board's policy is that all fish caught up to and including the 31st May should be released alive. From the 1st June the policy set out below will apply.

The Board considers the Conservation of Fish entering the river before the end of May to be of the utmost importance.

The Board urges all anglers to release these fish if at all possible. Most of the larger fish arrive in the river in the early months and these are the fish which have the potential to make the most significant contribution to successful spawning and are likely to be the fish which spawn in the upper reaches of the catchment. The Board will continue to monitor the success of the Conservation Policy and further consideration may be given to a recommendation for total Catch & Release in these months in the absence of signs of further restraint.
Each angler must return the 1st, 3rd, 5th etc... male fish caught
All hen salmon and hen grilse must be released
Throughout the season all stale or unseasonable fish must be released e.g. gravid, kelts.
Escaped farmed salmon must be retained.

Release all finnock of 16oz / 35cm / 14" or less
Release all Sea Trout of 3lb / 50cm / 20" or above
Retain only 1 Sea Trout of takeable size per calendar day. Anglers are also encouraged to release their first fish and keep the second that is of takeable size
Release all stale or coloured fish
Release all unseasonable fish (smolts, kelts, over-wintered finnock)

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