Salmon Fishing Regulations

These need to be considered under various headings as rivers, beats and booking systems will add to the requirements set by statute. If you use the FishPal booking system on this site (or others) you will be asked to read and agree to the relevant conditions before being allowed to book.

Scottish Law

In particular, please note that there is no salmon or sea trout fishing on Sundays anywhere in Scotland (except the Border Esk in Dumfriesshire which is dealt with under English law, since much of the river is in England).

Most other relevant current legislation will normally be included in river sections, but if you want to see the details, please refer to these main fisheries acts & regulations:
Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 2003)
Aquaculture and Fisheries (Scotland) Act 2007)
The Conservation of Salmon (Prohibition of Sale) (Scotland) Regulations 2002)

River regulations

Each river has its own statutory regulations and closed season and often adds other regulations which may not be statutory, but will be insisted on by all worthy beats on the river. There is a detailed page in each river section that you should consult (click 'Areas & Rivers' in the menu line above).

Beat conditions

Each beat will have its own conditions covering such items as hours of fishing, rotation systems, methods of fishing etc. You can see a link to these by clicking on the beat name in any of the availability pages, and to book you have to agree to them.

FishPal booking conditions

Please note that all bookings on this site (and other FishPal sites) are subject to FishPal's booking conditions which can be seen here.

Salmon & sea trout seasons

*Click on links for specific regulations

River systemStartEnd
*Annan28 February15 November
*Avon11 February30 September
*Awe11 February15 October
*Ayr11 February31 October
*Beauly11 February15 October
*Bladnoch11 February31 October
Borgie12 January30 September
Brora1 February15 October
Carron E. Ross11 January30 September
Carron W. Ross11 February31 October
Clyde11 February31 October
Connon26 January30 September
*Cree1 March14 October
*Dee1 February15 October
Deveron11 February31 October
Dionard11 February31 October
*Don11 February31 October
*Doon11 February31 October
*Eden5 February31 October
*Esk (North)16 February31 October
*Esk (South)11 February31 October
*Findhorn11 February30 September
*Fleet1 May31 October
Forth11 February31 October
*Girvan25 February31 October
*Hebrides1 February31 October
*Kirkcud'shire Dee11 February31 October
Helmsdale11 January30 September
*Luce25 February31 October
*Ness15 January15 October
*Nith25 February30 November
Oykel11 January30 September
Shin11 January30 September
*Spey11 February30 September
*Stinchar25 February31 October
*Tay15 January15/31 October
*Thurso11 January30 September
*Tweed1 February30 November
*Urr25 February30 November
Wick11 February31 October
Ythan11 February31 October