Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers

What is the Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers (SFSA)?

It is the governing body for the sport of sea angling in Scotland accepted as the advisory body on sea angling by Sport Scotland, the Scottish Tourist Board and the Highlands and Islands Development Board.

The federation is formed by affiliated clubs, individual members, life members and supplier members. A club can also become a member of one of the seven regions covering the geographical area of Scotland and the Isles.

What does the federation offer to member clubs?

  • All club members may attend annual and general meetings where two delegates from each club will have full voting powers to elect office - bearers affiliation to local region
  • Voting rights in the election of 2 regional representatives to the SFSA
  • Executive Committee
  • Regional and inter regional competitions
  • International teams may be financially assisted
  • The right to apply to run major/minor competitions under the auspices of the SFSA
  • Special rates for competition insurance cover
  • Advance tide table information for forward planning of competitions

What does the federation offer to individual members?

  • All individual members may attend the annual general meeting and other general meetings
  • At such meetings, all senior members have a vote through their elected representatives on the Executive Committee. The representatives cast votes on behalf of the members in accordance with the Constitution of the federation
  • The right to elect their own representatives to the Executive Committee
  • The right to apply for national and international teams
  • Members may compete in the Annual Boat, National Boat and Shore Championships and Boat and Shore Leagues. These events are organised specifically for them.
  • A copy of their own newsletter which is issued at regular intervals

What does the federation offer to 'supplier members'?

  • Classified advertising in the federation's newsletters
  • Classified advertising in the handbook
  • Encouragement of anglers to take advantage of their goods and services

What does the federation offer to members?

  • The strength of the federation to safeguard the sport of sea angling in Scotland and to fight for and protect their interests
  • A copy of the annual handbook
  • Information on federation matters, competition details and results via the newsletters
  • Information on amendments in legislation and matters of conservation
  • The right to apply for record and specimen fish awards
  • Coaching and assistance form the federation's qualified instructors
  • The right to apply for a place on coaching courses
  • An open line of communication at all times to make recommendations on any topic governed by the federation.


Club: 55.00
Senior Individual Member: 20.00
Junior Individual Member: 5.00
Family Member: 25.00
Life Member: 500.00
Supplier Member: 25.00

Application forms for membership may be obtained from:
The Secretary/Administrator
Scottish federation of Sea Anglers,
Unit 62, Evans Business Centre,
Mitchelston Drive,
Mitchelston Industrial Estate,
Kirkcaldy, Fife KY1 3NB

Tel/Fax: 01592 657520
(9.30am - 1.30pm except Wednesdays)