Other things to do in Scotland

In addition to its fabulous fishing, Scotland has much else to offer. So bring your family & friends with you and they can enjoy the holiday too! You might even be tempted to have a day off the water and join them!

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Magnificent scenery

You cannot fail to be entranced by Scotlands countryside. Be it Highland lochs and glens, Lowland vistas, or our dramatic coastline and Islands, we have some of the most stunning scenery in Europe.

Castles, Country houses & gardens

From cliff top castles to Border Keeps and from grand country houses, with their beautiful parks and gardens, to the more intimate laird's houses, Scotland has them all, and often, like the Queen's Castle at Balmoral, they can be within sight of your fishing.

Ancient monuments & famous battlegrounds

Scotland has some of the oldest monuments known to man. Yes, even older than the Pyramids! Whether they are brochs, stone circles, ancient burial grounds or the later motte and baily castles, there is always something to fascinate you. Famous battlegrounds like Culloden, Bannockburn and Flodden are near some of our best fishing.


Scotland is home to many things apart from Fishing, and Whisky is surely one of the best known. Visit one of the famous distilleries, on the Spey or elsewhere in the Highlands and Islands, and have a taste of their unique products.


Another famous product of Scotland, golf, also has its roots here, and many and varied are the courses you can try. Some of the most beautiful are alongside famous rivers and lochs or along our wonderful coastline. For the authentic touch why not play them with old style hickory clubs?


Chances are that somewhere in your ancestry, you have some Scottish blood, so why not follow your roots and visit the apppropriate Clan centres and museums, or sites famous (or like Glencoe, infamous) in our Clan history.


You don't have to go into our cities to enjoy our shopping. Our mill shops are famous for their quality and value, whether for cashmere or shetland wool or the handwoven Harris Tweed.

Festivals & Highland gatherings

Each year we have festivals throughout Scotland, from the riding of the Marches in each of the Border Towns to the great Viking festivals in Orkney. In between are our many Highland Games that attract visitors from around the world, not to mention the Edinburgh Festival and the Tattoo, both amongst the largest in the world.


As a fisher, you may not necessarily be a city person, but if you are, be assured that our cities are vibrant places full of theatres, museums and other world class attractions. Our nightlife will also appeal to younger members of your party.

The Roxburghe Golf Course

The Roxburghe Golf Course in the Tweed Valley

Edinburgh International Festival

Fireworks Concert at the Edinburgh International Festival ©Douglas Robertson

Whisky tasting

Whisky tasting

Ardrevk Castle

Ardrevk Castle on the shores of Loch Assynt ©Stewart Collingswood