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There are many small spate rivers on the island and numerous lochs that have stocks of brown trout. The main river is the Snizort. Another good salmon river is the Varragil but it is not open to the public. There are many lesser known rivers which include the Drynoch, Rha and the Ose. In common with all of the West Coast Islands good fishing depends on rainfall to raise the river levels, and being in the right place at the right time. In general the rivers are narrow and most pools can be covered from the bank with a single handed 10 foot # 7/8 rod. The salmon season is from 11th February to 15th October.

River Snizort

With a length of 8 miles the river is the longest on the island. The river rises on the northern slopes of Roineval and the forest areas of Glen Tungadal. It flows north to be joined by the Abhainn an Acha Leathan which flows from Loch Duagrich. The river continues to flow north through moorland to the falls at Peiness, which migratory fish can negotiate in rising/falling spates, then across flat farmland to enter the head of Loch Snizort Beag near Peinmore. Three Esses Ltd. have fishing on 12 beats that cover nearly all the river. Salmon/grilse and sea trout runs begin in late June/early July depending on rainfall and flood tides. The best months are September and October. Salmon average 6/7lb in weight and when conditions are right sport can be very good. Fishing is available to visitors of the Ullinish and Skeabost House Hotels, and the later has provision for day rods on the lower river.

The Drynoch

The river is approximately 4 miles long and flows west through Glen Drynoch to enter the tidal waters of Loch Harport. Sea trout enter the river from June onwards followed by grilse runs in July/early August, however this all depends on river levels. The most productive section of the river is the first mile and the lower section of the Vikisgill Burn. Average weight of grilse 5lb and sea trout 1lb.

The Rha

A typical spate stream with 3 small falls along its course. The river rises at Beinn aSga and flows 4 miles to the sea in Uig Bay, and can offer good sport on its lower section after periods of heavy rain. Grilse with an average weight of 5lb and sea trout up to 1lb 8oz. are the main quarry.

River Ose

A good small spate river with more than 3 miles of streams, deep pools and glides. Given rain and good river levels, it can produce quality fish with salmon/grilse averaging 7lb with occasional fish over 10lb and sea trout with an average weight of 2lb. Fishes best towards the end of the season.

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Many fishers stay in lodges or cottages provided with the fishing, but for other alternatives, some of whom can offer fishing packages, please see our list of North West accommodation providers.

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