About the rivers

These two neighbouring spate rivers rise in the steep hills between Loch Maree and Little Loch Broom and flow into Gruinard Bay which is about 10 miles west of Ullapool. The westernmost is the Little Gruinaird which is fed by water from Fionn Loch. It falls at a steeper rate than the neighbouring Gruinard, which has the largest catchment area of the two at approximately 60 square miles

When to fish

Being spate rivers, both depend on rainfall for sport. Occasionally, salmon are caught in May but the main runs of salmon/grilse are from mid June through the summer months. Dependent on the rivers having water, 80 to 100 fish are caught annually on each river. Very few sea trout feature in catch returns.

The season for both rivers is from 11th February to 30th September and fishing is with fly only.

Where to fish

The upper section of the Little Gruinard has three deep slow pools that fish can rest in. Below these pools the river has a series of fast boulder strewn runs with deep pots and glides. The lower river has three long deep pools that hold fish when the river is low. Other than these three man made pools the river is in it's natural state

Two estates own the fishing rights on the Gruinard. One has a single beat with a very long waiting list for rods, while the other has 2 rotating beats for 3 rods.

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Where to stay

Many fishers stay in lodges or cottages provided with the fishing, but for other alternatives, some of whom can offer fishing packages, please see our list of North West accommodation providers.

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