River Ewe & Loch Maree

This classic highland river has the largest catchment area (170 square miles) of all the West coast rivers and runs from Loch Maree to the tidal waters of Loch Ewe at Poolewe. Although the river is only 2 miles in length it has 10 pools which offer a wide variety of fishing from deep slow pools to fast shallow streams. Annual catch returns are in the region of 100 fish with an average weight of 8/9lbs.

The 12 mile long Loch Maree is fed by water from Lochan Fada and a number of other tributaries the largest being the Kinlochewe River. In the past the loch was one of Scotland top sea trout fisheries.

When to fish

Unfortunately salmon fishing on the Ewe has taken a downturn in recent years and very few fish are caught in the early months of the season. A few fish have been caught in late May, but the best of the fishing is from June to September with July being the best month.

Very few fish enter the loch in the early spring. A few salmon have been caught in late May mainly by trolling, but sea trout do not feature in the catches till the summer. With dapping being the preferred method for sea trout fishing, what is needed is a good strong wind.

The season for both River and Loch is 11th February to 31st October

Where to fish

In low water the most productive pool on the river is the Sea Pool just above the road bridge at Poolewe. Other famous named pools are Macordies, Tee Pool, The Flats and The Narrows. Flies to try are the local pattern called the Kerry Blue, the Stoat and Silver Stoats Tail and the Hairy Mary.

In the past on the Loch, up to 10 boats with gillies regularly caught over 2000 sea trout per year fishing the rotating beats, unfortunately due to the demise of the sea trout runs only 1 or 2 boats are now operational. Recommended flies for dapping include the Loch Ordie, Clan Chief, Blue Zulu, Black Pennel, Ke-He and the Black Zulu dressed on size 6 and 8 low water salmon single hooks. With so many beats and drifts the services of a gillie will be required.

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Where to stay

Many fishers stay in lodges or cottages provided with the fishing, but for other alternatives, some of whom can offer fishing packages, please see our list of North West accommodation providers.

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