Fishing regulations

Anglers should be aware of the legal requirements in place before they book fishing. Each of the rivers within the Nithsdale area have separate sets of rules and/or recommendations outlined below. There are also conservation codes, individual beat and booking agency conditions to be considered. Fundamental legislation requires that all anglers have written permission to fish for salmon and sea trout anywhere in Scotland.

Nith Conservation Policy 2018.

The Nith District Salmon Fishery Board have considered their Conservation Policy for the 2018 season. The Nith has been assigned Category 1 status with the exception of the continuation of Category 3 status downstream of a line taken from Scar Point on the East bank of the estuary to Airds Point on the West bank of the estuary.

The Board notes the mandatory total catch and release requirement for salmon on all River Systems throughout Scotland to 1st April in any given year.

The Board notes the voluntary total catch and release policy for salmon from 1st April to 31st May on the River Nith system in any given year.

The Board recommends for conservation purposes that wherever possible total catch and release policy be adopted for the whole river system, but taking into account the Category 1 status for the majority of the river system, if salmon are to be taken then no more than two salmon per person per season be taken with a view to achieving in excess of 80% catch and release of salmon for the 2018 season.

Fishing the River Nith


Fishery conditions

Individual owners may also have their own individual conditions, such as the hours that fishing is allowed on that beat, provision of ghillies (if any) and what fishing methods you can use.

FishPal Booking Conditions

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You will be given another opportunity to read all these conditions before doing any online booking, where you have to indicate your agreement to them. They will also be included in the joining instructions you are given when your booking has been completed.