Brown Trout fishing

As a Brown Trout river, the Nith does not raise any eyebrows although there are good catches of Trout to be made by the dedicated angler. The River Nith, of course, is better known for its excellent Salmon and Sea Trout fishing but its wild Brown Trout provide an interesting alternative and vary in size, usually between the ┬żlb and 2lbs mark.

The upper reaches of the Nith, the Scaur Water and River Cairn are probably the best areas within the catchment for Trout but they can be found across all beats. The Cairn, in particular, challenges the keen Trout fisherman with its shady, wooded stretches and Brownies of 3lbs have been known there.

While Nith beats do not offer specific Trout tickets, catches can be made while fishing on a Salmon or Sea Trout ticket within the Brown Trout season which is, legally from 15th March to 6th October, but more often between 1st April to 30th September on the Nith.

Tackle advice

For those interested in the Brown Trout, wet flies such as Greenwell's Glory, Snipe & Purple and March Brown are usually used in the spring with hook sizes 12-14. Towards the summer, dry flies like Blue Hen & Yellow, Dark Partridge & Yellow and again the Greenwell's Glory are preferred while later in the season, fish will gorge on smaller flies such as olives, iron blues and sedges. Tackle should be light.