Grayling fishing on the Nith

Grayling were first introduced to the Clyde from Derbyshire in 1855, and in subsequent years to other Scottish rivers including the Nith. The Nith has good stocks of free-rising grayling which run to around two pounds though larger specimens are occasionally taken. Being a back-end river, the best time to attempt catching these fine fish is over the winter months.

The species is now becoming widely valued as a sporting game fish and, while eating is enjoyed by some, a catch and release policy is preferred in order to conserve stocks. Barbless hooks are advised when fish are to be returned to the river.

How to catch them

Wet fly and deep nymph tactics are more suited to catching grayling as the year progresses. Float fishing comes into its own in the winter, when wee red worms, maggots and sweetcorn are popular baits. Salmon and Trout spawn during the winter so wading must be done with care (not permitted on some beats - see individual fisheries) so as not to disturb their redds.

Grayling fishing locations

DGAA Carnsalloch
Friars Carse
Drumlanrig Lower
Drumlanrig Middle
Drumlanrig Upper
Nith Linns
Upper Nithsdale


Grayling fishing is only available on some of the River Nith Beats and can be booked here as follows:

DGAA Carnsalloch
Period: 1 December to 22 February, dawn to dusk
Beats: All beats
Cost: £10 per rod per day

Friars Carse
Period: 1 December to 29 February, dawn to dusk
Beats: All beats
Cost: £15 per rod per day

Dalswinton & Barjarg
Period: 1 December to 31 March, dawn to dusk
Beats: All beats
Cost: £10 per rod per day
- Sunday fishing by arrangement
- Wading permitted but no more than knee-deep to protect spawning redds
- A maximum of 3.5 lb breaking strain line to be used