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Lawrence Deans second fish today 4lb from MacIntyre Pool.

Chris Bruce 4lb fly caught grilse from the MacIntyre Pool IAC waters on Monday 21st August 2017.

Dave Mateer nervously playing the first ever salmon that he caught on the IAC beat netted then released.

Aiden Macdonald fly caught 6lbs grilse in Silver Wells on 16th August 2017.

John Ralph with his first of the season a 5lb grilse at the Little Isle on Monday 14th August 2017.

Donald Macpherson about to return this fly caught 20 lb salmon at the Mill Stream IAC beat River Ness.

Aiden Macdonald 3lbs fly caught grilse from the Silver Wells pool on Thursday 20th July.

Jordon Grant returning his 4lb fly caught grilse at the Little Isle pool on Friday 14th July.

Graham Ross 12lb fly caught salmon from the Little Isle Pool on the IAC beat of River Ness on Saturday 17th June.

Ros Williams First Salmon Fishing Experience First Fish 11lbs 3oz Hooked for life.

Denny Mackay 8lb on a devon from Mill Stream.

Jordon Grant 12lbs salmon from Silver Wells pool his 6th from the IAC waters.

On Friday 18th August Craig Pirrie caught and returned this his first Ness salmon from Mill Stream on a Willie Gunn.

Mike Campbell 7lb fly caught salmon from the Mill Stream.

Tony Quinn about to return this 7lb fly caught salmon at Little Isle IAC beat River Ness.

Bill Byers 6lb cock salmon caught at the Little Isle usung a Red Francis fly on 7th August 2017.

Martin Nelson 14lb on fly from Weir pool on Saturday 15th July.

Jordon Grant 7lb fly caught salmon from the Silver Wells pool on Wednesday 12th July.

Alan Scott 14lbs caught on a Monkey fly from IAC Weir Pool on Friday 2nd June.